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Starkey Livio Ai Hearing Aids Review

Starkey Livio Ai Listening to Support Overview. Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options evaluations the brand new Starkey Livio Ai Listening to Aids.

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Starkey not too long ago launched a brand new listening to support that could be a mixture between listening to support and well being tracker. Resulting from overwhelming demand, I’ve lastly gotten round to reviewing the Livio Ai Listening to Support.

The Livio line of listening to aids replaces the earlier line of Starkey Halo gadgets. There are two separate gadgets, the Livio, and the Livio Ai. The Livio is available in 3 efficiency ranges. The Livio 2400, Livio 2000, and Livio 1600. The Livio Ai solely comes within the Premium 2400 stage.

So what are the largest enhancements of the Livio & Livio Ai gadgets over the Halo gadgets?

1. They now have entry to wi-fi equipment. It is a big enchancment over the Halo gadgets. With 2.4 GHz and NFMI, now you can achieve entry to a distant microphone and TV streamer whereas nonetheless with the ability to stream straight from a smartphone (iPhone solely).

2. Higher Noise Administration. Using NFMI permits these gadgets to speak with one another, which improves efficiency in background noise. Starkey claims as much as 50% higher noise discount in a dynamic noise atmosphere.

3. Higher App Customization. With a brand new 4 band equalizer, you’ll be able to modify Low, Mid, Excessive, and Extremely-Excessive amplification.

The Livio Ai listening to aids even have some further options that the Livio gadgets do not.

1. On-Board Sensors – Inertial Measurement Items (aka IMUs) cacn observe motion. This enables the listening to aids to trace Physique and Mind exercise. The intent is to maintain you extra Bodily lively and Socially engaged by monitoring your motion and communication. Since exercise and socialization are essential to lowering the chance of quite a lot of co-morbidities akin to Heart problems, Stroke, Diabetes, and Dementia, the extra transfer and socialize, the decrease your threat of those illnesses.

The Physique Rating tracks Steps, Bodily Exercise, and Motion for a complete rating of 100. The Mind Rating tracks Time sporting gadgets, Engagement with different individuals, and Energetic listening in several environments for a complete rating of 100. In complete, there are 200 Thrive factors that you should utilize to gauge your exercise and socialization.

2. Listening to Care Anyplace – Now you’ll be able to have changes made to your gadgets with out going to see your listening to care supplier. You simply must submit a request and await the modifications.

3. Translation – That is the best listening to support function in these gadgets. The app can translate speech from quite a lot of completely different languages. It should then ship this to your listening to aids so you’ll be able to hear speech in no matter language you like.

4. Fall detection – Since these gadgets have on-board sensors, you’ll be able to observe falls. Since people with listening to loss additionally are likely to fall extra, why would not you wish to observe this. Ultimately it may present extra info on how one can forestall falls sooner or later. Undecided how useful this info could be, however I am to see the place Starkey goes with this.

Even with all these nice further options, even the Livio Ai listening to aids want Actual Ear Measurement to carry out at their optimum stage. If you wish to study extra about REM, watch my video right here:

Total, the Livio Ai gadgets are spectacular, however there are some things I am not a fan of.

1. Streaming high quality – The audio high quality of iPhone streaming is poor. It doesn’t matter what changes I made to the software program, I could not get something to sound good.

2. Not Rechargeable – Starkey has lithium battery know-how, nevertheless they did not put it into these listening to aids. I perceive there’s concern about battery life as a consequence of fixed streaming calls for, however the pattern is to go extra rechargeable over time, not much less.

3. Worth – The Livio Ai is the one costliest listening to support to buy from any listening to support producer. Which means it is going to probably be the costliest listening to support that you could purchase. It raises the query: how essential are the Livio Ai options to you?

Negatives apart, the Starkey Livio Ai listening to aids are a formidable piece of know-how. So if you’re the kind of particular person who is de facto tech savvy or into well being monitoring, it’s possible you’ll wish to ask in regards to the Starkey Livio Ai listening to aids the subsequent time you see your listening to care supplier.


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  • Great Video ,First time I have found quality info for my hearing aids. I am amazed that the VA where I get my H/A give out what you state are the most expensive on the market. I have the Livio AI. am I to understand that if Livio comes out in support of the Fall detection if be available as a software upgrade, perhaps through my Audiologist? Thanks for the great video.

  • I recently got these hearing aids. They are doing a very well. They worked better for my hearing loss then Oticon opn. I thank you for this information it was a good start to talk to my Audiologist’s.

  • I have the Starkey Livio AI but although I have been told that the battery will last a good ten hours I feel that the reception , even with the streamer, is not acceptable. I was told that because it is a cross, the battery will not be as good because of the transmitter. Is that so?
    I also found that streaming straight from my iPhone is better.

  • I hear all the sounds and also hear almost everything in simple tone (person to person) but when we talk in a group,or i am attending an lecture where professor speaks i dont understand their words

  • John Bishop, I am so sorry for the rude response you were given when asking Cliff to slow his speech down. As a Doctor of Audiology and a Speech Language Therapist myself with over 22 years experience, I commened you in taking the initiative and requesting what your communication needs are. One of the first things an Audiologist or Speech Therapist teaches their patients is to be proactive and request what they need to help with their communication. I am sincerely disappointed that any Audiologist, even one as new to to the field as Cliff Olsen would ignore your request for assistance. Please do not judge the rest of the Audiology community and their compassion for each individual's needs based on the response for assistance you received here. Good luck with your search for improving your auditory needs and please continue to be assertive in your communication requirements. Well done sir.

  • When you re speaking to people with some sort of hearing impairment, sloow doown, we have trouble pulling words out.

  • I just got my Livio 2400's yesterday that replace my previous Starkey's that I bought 6 years ago. I did not specifically buy the AI. I didn't want the rechargeable batteries (EVERY rechargeable battery I have ever had goes bad). I also don't really need the other features since I have an Apple Watch. I have an iPhone Xs Max and I have zero issues with streaming. The technology that the Livio uses seems to be much better than my old hearing aids (I have no complaints with the old ones). The physical size of the Livio are just a bit smaller than my old ones. I have no problem with buying 312 batteries. I buy 60 at a time from Amazon (Duracell) for about $22. they last me about 6 months.

  • Hi Dr. Cliff. I am about to order a set of the Starkey 2400RT, that is, rechargeable with telecoil - for those not familiar with “RT.” The dealer updated my audiogram and did the impressions for customized ear molds - and he assured me of real ear measurements, thanks to your advice. However, I need a bit of additional help. 1) The dealer tells me that with the telecoil, these devices are compatible with direct streaming of sound to them in any setting with a loop. I want to get your verification in this regard. 2) Also, he says I can get a clip-on microphone to ask professors/speakers to use in a large setting, like a lecture hall or conference center. I figure that this is the same function as the Phonak Roger pen, correct? 3) I overlooked asking about a tinnitus feature in the 2400. Is there such a feature? One last thing - 4) He said the 2400 works better with an iPhone, but I have a Samsung 8S and I have a sizeable balance stillI and prefer not to invest in an iPhone right now. Any advice in this regard? I am financing a major part of the cost, for these devices, so I want to be extra sure I am getting every benefit for the dollar. Thank you very much for your time and help.