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What to do if your Hearing Aids get WET

In case your listening to aids get moist, DO NOT put them in RICE!!! Rice will injury your listening to aids.

There we go, now that I’ve stated that: it’s summer time and with summer time comes water to remain cool!

Generally, accidents occur and it’s regular to ask”What to do in case your listening to aids get moist?” I’ve by chance uncovered my listening to aids to water (rain, pool, bathroom – actually! – bathe and extra) so on this video, I reply that query of what to do in case your listening to aids get moist. Don’t have any worry, extra listening to aids have good IP (ingress safety) and in case you observe these steps, you may have the very best probability of reviving your listening to aids.

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  • Water is not outside it is inside the machine mine isstarkey from usa .I never wet it or used in water or rain but not functioning while checking techincian say water in right side of the hearing aid ??

  • Hey Emily. I have both Phonak ITEs (312s) and Starkey Evolv AI ITEs (rechargeable). I'm getting into kayaking and very nervous about rolling over and getting my ears wet. Any suggestions regarding this? Thanks!

  • Thanks Emily, I got in the shower with my aids still in, followed all your steps except the humidifier and luckily they are fine.

  • I have a diving waterproof box 4" inches long and 3" inches wide and 1 "inche dept inside the box that has a foot long adjustable cord to wearing around the neck to keep wallet and hearing Aids and ID and fishing license in it . It totally waterproof but not enough room to put a drying container in the box .

  • Hearing aids here also. You are so cute and animated, and you annunciate so well. I wish you were my local newswomen! Got to your website when researching face mask extenders because they are a real pain with glasses and hearing aids. I'm so afraid I'm going to lose one. I'm also a fan of Costco hearing aid centers, are local audiologist is excellent. You just inspired me to purchase a Dry and Store Global II on ebay, open box for $34. Keep up the great work and thank you for taking your time to help others.

  • Hi. Thanks for sharing. I love all of your videos. I do have a question though. I have the Oticon Ruby Rechargeable aids. Do you happen to know if everything you said in this video is fine for rechargeable aids as well, or would I need to do something else entirely if my aids get wet? Thanks!

  • I don't have any special equipment for mine, so the time I got it wet I also took off the ear hood, pulled all the desiccant packs out of pill and vitamin bottles, stuffed it and the hearing aid into the smallest pill bottle it would all safely fit in. I suppose I could have used the desiccant box from my safe too. Neither of those are likely as good as what you are showing, but it worked in a pinch.