4 thoughts on “Cheap vs Expensive Hearing Aids Compared: Which Perform Better?”

  1. They overcharged because they can just like with prescription medications our country has the highest rates on medications compared to other countries, same thing with healthcare it's a business their money hungry fueled by greed and hearing aid probably cost like 10 bucks to make it, there's nothing much that goes into its plastic and a little computer board same thing with an iPhone then things made in China for like 40 bucks

  2. It wasn't the biggest hurricane that hit in 100 years they've had several hurricanes that were category threes and fours the news likes to exaggerate, just like companies like to overcharge for products that cost pennies on the dollars to make

  3. Love your content,
    I’m 29 and I’m losing my hearing in my right ear.
    If you ever feel like making a video about going to the audiologist, that would be cool. Have a nice day


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