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pulsatile tinnitus causes

Pulsatile tinnitus causes are attributable to irregular blood circulate via arteries. Watch the video for extra data.


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  • Tinnitus can be perceived in one or both ears or in the head.

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  • I am adding this here as I've watched many of your helpful videos not seen one on what my issue is I have had tinnitus for many years but now I also have a fluttering sound in my left ear for the past week it never goes away it is very erratic but constant I went to the doctor and they said there's nothing wrong with my ear. I do have TMJ as well figured I should mention that as well. Please help I am loosing my mind the only way I can fall asleep is to stick my finger in my ear and press my ear closed as it makes the fluttering go away. But I soon wake back up as I am not pressing it after I fall asleep any longer

  • He's right! Poor capillary blood flow can cause pulsatile tinnitus and I'm thankful there's an innovative solution for that!

  • Idk if I have it but I stayed up all night tonight wondering who was walking upstairs all night I realized it was my heart beat it was in my left ear and good old google diagnosed me with this so yeah- I dont know if I have it? Is it bad?