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How do cochlear implants work? || What it sounds like

Cochlear implants are an thrilling intervention that allows sufferers with listening to loss to have the ability to hear and to, finally, lead regular lives.

Professional ENT surgeon Professor Simon Lloyd explains how they work and what it feels like with cochlear implants.

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  • Thank you to Professor Graeme Clark from Australia who invented the cochlear bionic ear.

  • I want to know if they have bass enabled on it this might sound possible but for now I have one

  • If you had to recommend either cochlear implant or BAHA to an 40+ year adult in the US w/ good insurance who lost hearing suddenly in one ear due to SHL which would it be and why?

    My doctor recommends Cochlear Implant so to gey the hearing ability from both ears. I asked about BAHA since it"s less intrusive but my doc said you'd still hear the sound from only one ear.

    What do you think?

  • My 6 years daughter cannot hear and speak her both ears are 100% deaf and she need for this device

  • So this isn’t an option for me then? I have Audio Processing Disorder (APD) due to scarring on my temporal lobe. My ears themselves work but my brain won’t process the sound. Is this nota treatment then?

  • Thanks for the info......., luckily i`m writing an assignment about implantable devises (3rd year Audiology student)