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How Much Do VA Hearing Aids Cost and are you Eligible?

How a lot do VA listening to aids price? Questioning about VA listening to assist eligibility? Rapidly discover out if you’ll have a co-pay or not and if you’re eligibile.
If you’re service linked you might be in fact eligible for VA listening to aids and they’re offered without charge. If you’re not service linked however are a VA affected person, you might be nonetheless eligible for VA listening to aids. Relying in your precedence group you’ll have a co-pay, which can price between $15 and $50. However that may be a incredible deal because the VA solely does premium high quality listening to aids that will price you $7000 at one other personal observe.

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  • I have lost the REmote control for my resound hearing aids where do I go 4 / replacement ?? VA issued 2018

  • Hello, I got discharge from the navy and go to the local VA for medical treatment here in Denver. What is this thing mention in this video called "Means Test"  I'm needing hearing aid help.