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Otofonix Elite Hearing Amplifier | Hearing Aid Reviews

Otofonix Elite Listening to Amplifier | Listening to Help Critiques. Cliff Olson, Physician of Audiology and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Anthem Arizona, conducts an in depth overview of the Otofonix Elite Digital Listening to Amplifier on this video.

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For those who seek for Listening to Aids on Amazon, on the very high above the search outcomes, you will note the sponsored advert for Otofonix Listening to Amplifiers.
Otofonix is an organization that manufactures high-end Listening to Amplifiers, which based on the FDA, are supposed to make sounds louder, however not for the aim of treating listening to loss.
Otofonix Listening to Amplifiers will not be technically listening to aids, however they do certain appear to be similar to listening to aids.

So I obtained my arms on their best-selling system, the Otofonix Elite, and determined to place it by related testing that I’d a listening to support to see the way it compares.

The Otofonix Elite appears like a typical slim-tube listening to support. It is vitally small and makes use of a dimension 312 listening to support battery, slim tube, and rubber domes. It additionally has a rocker swap to vary between certainly one of 4 preset packages, or quantity. It has a single microphone and could be very comfy.

By way of efficiency, it may be evaluated utilizing Actual Ear Measurement very similar to a listening to support. To be taught extra about Actual Ear Measurement, take a look at my video right here:

General, the Otofonix Elite was not able to assembly a Delicate to Reasonable listening to loss prescription. Not one of the program presets had a big sufficient of a change to attain further amplification to the listening to loss prescription. Quantity will increase did assist to achieve excessive frequency targets higher, however this additionally precipitated over-amplification within the low-frequencies.

Noise discount of the Otofonix Elite was gentle at round 6 dB of measured noise discount.

Primarily based on the measurements, the Otofonix Elite Listening to Amplifiers weren’t in a position to meet prescriptive targets for a gentle to average listening to loss. Nonetheless, I feel they carried out fairly properly for amplifiers that solely price $325.

No, they do not carry out in addition to a customizable listening to support, however they don’t seem to be listening to aids, they’re listening to amplifiers. Nonetheless, for a digital listening to amplifier, it performs higher than some over-the-counter listening to aids at the moment obtainable on-line that I’ve examined.
So if you’re in search of a bit of little bit of a lift in quantity, the Otofonix Elite could be simply what you’re in search of.


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  • How well do these work on masking tinnitus? If these don't work, any advice on a unit that does maske tinnitus? Thank you.

  • Than you for your wonderful YouTubes. Before purchasing the high-end programmable hearing aid you recommended, someone suggested the Banglijian Hearing Amplifier Rechargeable Ziv-201A for the interim. Have you tested it as you did the Otofonix? it has quite a lot of good reviews. thanx, yosaif

  • Hi doctor, I took a hearing test and it said I have a mild flat hearing loss. The resound links Quattro hearing aid was recommended for me but it cost $7000 but in one of your videos you said the highest out of the market cost was $3000. Anyway I recently purchased the Otofinx elite from Amazon. Then I saw your video on the IQbuds boost and I would like to know which one is better between the Otofinx elite and the IQbuds boost.Thank you.

  • Otofonix products are a complete scam. You can buy the exact same models in China for 1/10th the price. Mine broke and fell apart after a week. I would stay FAR away.

  • I appreciate your videos so much! I have tinnitus and have been diagnosed with moderate hearing loss. I am hesitant to invest in actual hearing aids as I’ve heard so many people say they did not help. I have considered the personal amplification devices. I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to invest in actual aids in the long run.