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Phonak Audeo BR Rechargeable Hearing Aid – Hearing Aid Reviews

Clifford Olson, Physician of Audiology, and founding father of Utilized Listening to options in Anthem Arizona, opinions the Phonak Audeo BR Rechargeable Listening to Help on this Listening to Aids Assessment.

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Clinic Web site: indicated in a survey that 70% of listening to assist customers would like a chargeable listening to assist. All 6 Main producers have developed a chargeable listening to assist choice. Nonetheless, Phonak has taken it a step additional.

The Phonak Audeo BR listening to assist makes use of Lithium Ion rechargeable battery expertise as an alternative of Nickel Metallic Hydride or Silver Zinc batteries.


1. Battery Life – 24 hours on one cost leads the trade

2. Fast Charging – 6 hours of battery life on a 30 minute cost

3. Charger Equipment – The charger has the flexibility to double as a listening to assist dehydrator, and in addition has an influence pack that you may journey with for 7 further expenses.

4. Works with different Phonak Equipment – If in case you have a ComPilot 2, TvLink 2, or a Roger Pen, you may nonetheless use them with these gadgets.

5. Lifespan of Lithium Batteries – Lithium Ion Batteries final 4 years versus 1 yr for different rechargeable choices.

6. Smooth Design – If you need a glossy trying listening to assist, that is your system.


1. On/Off Button – It’s a must to flip the system on when taking it out of the charger. If you need rechargeable so you do not have to fumble with batteries, having to press a button does not assist.

2. Cannot use disposable – For those who run out of battery whereas at dinner, you may’t use disposable batteries. Both recharge or nothing.

3. Thickness – These gadgets are slightly thicker so if you do not have sufficient house behind your ears, it might be an issue.

Bear in mind to just remember to obtain Actual Ear Measures with any listening to assist you get.


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  • I get double green flashes from my charger, instead of single flashes, and they won't charge up. Any ideas?

  • Do your clients still use Palm Pilots??? It might be time for them to upgrade their technology!! LOL

  • I see you said that the Audeo B R is compatible with a Roger pen, but how? Do I need a Roger reviever attached to my BR to use Roger accessories? If it's rechargeable, how can I attach it? I really wanted the Audeo Marvel rechargeable because of all the Bluetooth features and the built in Roger receiver but my main thing is I need it to be compatible with CROS, which it still isnt, correct? So I just recently got a BR but am struggling to understand what accessories it's compatible with (I'm mostly interested in the Roger clip on mic and/or the select). Thank you so much, I love your videos!!

  • I got these aids even though my insurance only wanted to pay for one aid. My audiologist convinced them it wouldn't be effective so I finally got the pair. About 2 months later the right one stopped working. It charges and the lights come on but at first it made a lot of static and now no sounds comes out. I tried cleaning them, putting them with dehydration packs incase it got moist. I'm afraid my insurance won't pay for repair since they didn't think I needed a pair anyway. I was happy to be able to finally hear my daughter again but now I'm back to being partially deaf.

  • I got my set of Phonak Audeo B-90R a week ago & the right one went dead & will not charge up. The switch seems deader than a doorknob & the light will not blink. I loved them until this happened! I wonder now if I should have got the ones that use the 312 battery.