Why Are Hearing Aids Very Expensive? Hearing Aid Cost Explained

Why Are Hearing Aids Very Expensive. Why Are Listening to Aids So Costly? | Listening to Support Price. Dr. Clifford Olson from Utilized Listening to Options in Anthem Arizona discusses the 5 the explanation why listening to aids are so costly.

Why Are Hearing Aids Very Expensive

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Purpose #1 – Analysis & Growth. Thousands and thousands of {dollars} are spent annually on the R&D related to listening to aids. Listening to aids did not turn out to be so small simply by calling China and requesting a discount in dimension. It takes money and time to develop merchandise which have all the similar, and newer, options inside a tiny little gadget.

Purpose #2 – Listening to aids aren’t client electronics, they’re customizable sturdy medical gear. Apple sells HUNDREDS OF MILLION iPhones annually and there are solely approx 3 million listening to aids offered annually. There are simply not sufficient listening to aids offered to have the ability to get the expertise costs down as little as a smartphone.

Purpose #3 – Lack of competitors within the listening to assist business. There are solely 6 main producers of listening to aids world huge. Till there may be extra competitors, the costs will proceed to be on the upper aspect.

Purpose #4 – No good direct-to-consumer (OTC) merchandise…But. Slicing out the center man (ie. the listening to care skilled) will certainly scale back costs of units. Nevertheless, with the ability to create nice listening to units requires extra than simply slapping a microphone, amplifier, and speaker collectively and connecting them to your cellphone. Simply ask Doppler Labs who went out of enterprise making an attempt to create an inexpensive different to listening to aids. I assume treating listening to loss nicely took more cash to create a terrific product than they thought.

Purpose #5 – If you purchase listening to aids, you’re additionally paying for skilled skilled care from an audiologist. Listening to aids don’t deal with listening to loss. The mixture of a terrific listening to assist together with correct becoming, programming, coaching, and follow-up care are what make a listening to assist carry out nicely. In-fact, nearly all of the price of a listening to assist is because of the truth that you want an expert to make sure you are maximizing the advantage of your listening to aids. Nevertheless, they’re solely well worth the cash in the event that they use “Greatest Practices” when becoming your listening to aids. Most notably, Actual Ear Measures. Need to know extra about Actual Ear Measures? Try my video: https://youtu.be/cHR0Oa6I-wY

How to save cash on listening to aids: https://youtu.be/cak7mlwHPbY


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  1. Why are they so expensive? Because the government allows scumbags to rip us off and capitalize on someone's handicap! They do it with glasses to. They charge you a $100 bucks or more for just a plastic frame. We need a national healthcare plan, to end this crap, but we have this incredible group of morons, called Republicans who are against getting healthcare at a reasonable cost.

  2. I’m reading all these nonsense below and I’d like to say something. Just so I can clarify and separate the pure stupidity of ppl reading comments here and there.

    I’m working at a hearing aid company and I’m literally doing everything there, optimising the sounds wanted on the device, service by either changing or fixing something, plus I’m making the silicone or acrylic resins/molds.

    The most important reason you ppl need to stick in your head is this, I graduate and still needed to study seminars either in hotels other companies and even pay for online knowledge libraries studying still after 8 years of graduation and working for already another 8 years to be able to keep up with all the different cases.

    Do you really except someone working on that kind of job doing all that for like 500$ a month or 600€?

    No one with actual knowledge is working at something like that for a salary smaller than 2000€ a month.

    Also note that in order to do that you need top notch equipment! Shouldering iron tips that’s thin as a hair and most companies do not provide these to their staff, can’t blame them.

    A Proper weller hearing station cost like 10k a microscope another 5 minimum, polymer UV lights, stirrer/heater. 3D PRINTERS. Are you even kidding me? You ppl spend for cars like 30k and can’t you not spend like the 1/10 years f that amount for the sensation of sound back again in your ear? Not gonna mention the free service that most technicians do on their own risk out of heart.

    Stay deff then and tar your money to your grave.

  3. Unfortunately you created this … when people can’t afford to buy hearing aids which is essential to their life !!! My mom paid 6000 for three year warranty and free battery for two years … she saw this person twice … that to me was a rip off

  4. Really disappointed in this, it feels forced and just a bit phoney. Almost as if Dr Cliff really feels a bit uncomfortable with his scripted material. Hearing aids are clearly outrageously overpriced, and the big players must work together to keep it that way. It would be great to see a real alternative arrive to shake up this cosy cartel, or are the market opportunities too modest (or closed up) to encourage newcomers? Dr Cliff has blown his credibility with this one I think? Shame.
    P.S … "Doctor" Cliff ???

  5. Mate,,, incorporating a technology that is already distributed throughout the electronic device marketplace hardly warrants the need for any sort of mark up, research and development included.

  6. Why do I sense that Apple and mass-produced gizmos sold on the internet will do to the hearing aid industry what they did to the camera industry? I could never afford to go to a camera store to buy a high-end Nikon for most of my life when they were the best cameras, but I always had the latest iPhone (and Airpods Pro, too). Just sayin'. Eventually, economic competition does work.

  7. Instead of investing in design professionals and innovations, manufacturers could partner with bluetooth technology and nanotech companies and innovate new launch products at low cost

  8. It would be great for manufacturers to offer easy tweaking or in-app tweaking programs for customers to make their own tweaks until the sound quality is well accommodated.
    Avoiding many visits to clinics and thus reducing more professional expenses

  9. Rubbish. They are expensive because of GREED – PERIOD. "Research and development" as a reason for the great expensive? nonsense. The technology is THERE, NOW. They are now 'overdeveloping' them – 'improving' them to a degree that is totally unnecessary to humans (perhaps they are developing them for Bats with hearing loss?). Once the technology is developed to an adequate degree (which has ALREADY happened) they should cost no more than $100 FOR BOTH EARS NOT 'EACH'. This industry is a TOTAL SCAM. I practice medicine for a living. I KNOW what medically related items cost – the hearing aid industry is a RIP OFF. The Chinese, once again, are going to take over this industry with super 'cheap' hearing aids – you'll see.

  10. It's all about the greed.
    Nowadays you can buy audio earbuds that enhance/amplify sound for around $100.
    If audio companies can do it, hearing aid companies can too.
    Funding my ass, LAZY ASS PEOPLE HOP TO IT. No mass market so it's gonna cost more.
    Hmmmmmmmm, here's a novel idea, start making other audio devices or related so the cost can come down.
    My audio earbuds can blow ear drums so really I cannot understand this.
    Then again why would they reduce the price if they control the market.
    Maybe what we need is a strong competitor to run these corporate schmucks out of business, oh happy days.

  11. It's sad, because so many that can benefit from hearing aids simple don't, cost keeps them from getting them…. Sad all the way around… It's ridiculous when you consider a smart phone has 100 times the technology is a fraction of a cost of a hearing amplifier…..

  12. According to Fortune, the 2018 market for hearing aids was $3.19B in 2018. If the cost per aid was $3K, this would indicate that over 106.3M hearing aids were sold in the US alone.

  13. I worked in the electronics industry with a BSEE for nearly 40 years. This excuse is total BS. The actual cost of the hearing aid even with R&D amortized shows that aging consumers are being ripped off. You really think all the baby boomers bought only 3 million hearing aids? Since they are sold in pairs that means only 1.5 million people bought hearing aids. Disgusting.


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