When Was the Last Time You Had Your Hearing Checked?

Last Time You Had Your Hearing Checked

Last Time You Had Your Hearing Checked

Hello, how are you today? That’s good I’m Dr Noa Nice to meet you. So today you came here for a hearing test Okay good so do you have any symptoms? okay okay so you are losing the… okay you can’t hear sounds especially in the morning, right? okay Perfect so I’m going to check your ears, it’s pretty simple so don’t worry you’ll be very good in no time.

Let’s start then Okay so first I’m going to put on my gloves, give me just a moment So the first thing I’m going to do is to check your ears with my lantern I have two of them so first I’m going to check like outside your ears with this and then I’m going to check with this inside your ears, okay? So please look at me.

..good stay still. Very good job and let me check here with the lantern good job Okay everything looks good, so the other ear here Good. Okay it doesn’t look that you have anything wrong, or redness, anything like that so I’m going to checking your ear but inside, okay? Good let’s start Okay so.

Good job

Okay, now the other ear Good job Okay so you have a little bit of inflammation on your left ear it’s a little bit red too so I need to know if this is just something like allergic that will remain after a few days or if you are losing your hearing ability, okay? So I’m going to do another exam Okay so I’m going to snap my fingers near your ears and I need you to close your eyes and tell me if you hear it on the right or left ear, okay? Good.

Are you ready? perfect so close your eyes please. Very good good good job good perfect amazing job good very good Very good job, now you can open your eyes So with loud noises you are okay let’s try with more little noises Okay, so I’m going to tell you some numbers ear to ear, okay? close your eyes and let me know in which one did you hear it, okay? Very good, close your eyes then.

Good Good. What was the number? very good 4 good and the number is good job 9 good…very good 33 good job 5 good job 6 10 Okay you have a little bit of trouble there it’s okay 14 Good job 16 good 1 Perfect you can open your eyes now good job Good.

Okay so the next one is to check if you can hear this Good. So close your eyes please, good job good very good very good perfect very good job good job Open your eyes please. Okay looks like everything it’s really good I’m almost sure that this is just an allergic reaction so don’t worry 🙂 So for the last exam I’m going to use these headphones and first I’m going to whisper some words and I need you to tell me what did you hear, okay? Great so here, stay still good Very good.

Muffled sound

Okay so can you hear me like amuffled sound, right? Good so let’s start first cat bird very good good job princess good flowers light good perfect Good job, very good job! Great So the next thing: I’m going to turn on the machine that sends some noises to this headphones So I need you to tell me if you hear the noise, and two, in which of your ears, okay? Good, so here okay it’s working so let me know Good job Okay the last one now.

So this could be a little bit more difficult but don’t worry Good, very good job Let me just take this good Okay perfect, so I confirmed that it’s just an allergic reaction, so you will need first a cleaning, okay? I need you to go to clean your ears because you have a little bit of wax it’s not too bad but you need to clean it and after that I need you to apply some cream I’m going to give you for free, okay? very good.

So, we are done and you can tell the nurse that you need a free cream for you 🙂 very good job okay so see you next time Very good, so, see you next time! Please take care. Bye bye! thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe for more videos like this and if you still can’t sleep please check out these videos.


When was the last time you had your hearing checked? Grade school?

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