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Venous Stenting for Intracranial Hypertension + My Experience

Venous stenting is another remedy for intracranial hypertension patents which have one thing known as cerebral stenosis. It’s much less invasive than a VP or LP shunt, and infrequently has much less problems. Latest research have proven that the majority sufferers which have undergone stenting have had a major discount in ICP ranges and signs related.

To be able to know for those who qualify for stenting, it’s essential to first have one thing known as a cerebral angiogram. Many should journey to discover a specialist to deal with them, as this isn’t a typical process.

Final yr, I had 2 stents positioned in my proper transverse sinus at Weill Cornell in NYC. Right here is my expertise with stenting and a few data that I’ve realized alongside the best way.

My left transverse sinus was hypoplastic (not absolutely developed) and did not have any stream, and my proper transverse sinus had extreme stenosis. Sadly, I did not have a lot symptom reduction, however my case is a little more advanced than many.

I later realized I’ve a connective tissue dysfunction known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I even have chiari malformation and craniocervical instability. These circumstances could cause all the identical signs of IIH–and I’ll quickly bear surgical procedure to deal with them.


Medical doctors/facilities focusing on venous stenting for IIH:
**remark beneath if you already know of extra docs**
-Dr. Athos Patsalides (Weill Cornell)
-Dr. Moghekar (Johns Hopkins CSF heart)
-Dr. Kenneth Liu (at present not working towards)
-Dr. Kyle Fargen (Winsten Salem, NC)
-Mayo Clinic Rochester
-Dr. Dale King (Kentucky)

My surgeon speaking about venous stenting:

Dr. Athos Patsalides + latest analysis research on venous stenting: material/11/2/175

Dr. Liu + venous stenting in EDS sufferers:

Johns Hopkins + venous stenting:

Affected person experiences:

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  • While it would have been nice for you to have more relief from your stent placement, if that was the case you wouldn’t have gotten diagnosed with EDS, or CCI. So while it has been hard, it has also been a bit of a blessing in disguise! 💚 I love you girl. You have so much strength and you amaze me! Keep up the good work. 💪🏻

  • So glad i came across this video i just got home from having this done they went in through my groin one through the femoral artery and the other side through a vein .

  • Thanks for the video!! I have recently been diagnosed with Transverse sinus stenosis...and I have to have a follow up with my doctor but with everything going on their office is closed so I’m having to wait to get additional information. But he did recommend a stent. So I just have so many questions and concerns and I’m happy you made this video.

  • I forget the doctors name that I was referred to for the procedure but he is in Columbus Ohio. I will comment when I get his information again.

  • So you said that your tinnitus went away on your right side but now you have it on your left? That’s the main reason why I went to the doctor because I have it really bad on my right side. I haven’t been told I have ICH or Chiari...just tinnitus on my right said due to my stenosis. But I would hate to go through all of this and then it go to my left side

  • Thank you for posting this! I was recently diagnosed with IIH and this was super helpful...and calming!

  • Loved your video! Currently in ICU recovering from veinous stenting. I also have a VP and an LP shunt, this is nuts! I hope you feel better and thanks for your support! ❤️

  • I got put on a diamox, no diuretic. I read that diamox only stops the CSF, doesn’t make you pee a lot. So now I might have to get surgery because my neurologist won’t listen to me