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My Story: Life with Sudden Hearing Loss

Mr. Cyplik particulars his expertise with a sudden listening to loss, and the collection of transtympanic infusions that restored his listening to. When you’ve got questions on sudden sensorineural listening to loss, contact Arizona Listening to Middle at 602.313.1747, or go to for extra data.


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  • I got this exact type of sudden hearing loss (not full hearing loss, just around 6000+ hz ) about 7 weeks ago and wasn’t able to get a proper diagnosis until this week from an ENT. He said nothing could be done at this time. Is that true? Can nothing really be done to restore all or at least almost all of my hearing?

  • I lost my hearing in left and mild hearing loss in the right ear when i was 17 suddenly due to severe viral infection. Its been 6 years from the incident. Struggling ever since that day. I also have severe tinnitus which drives me insane. I am a bit envious. It would be better if my tinnitus gets in control. Just hoping for the best.. :)

  • I'm too deaf for 10 years .
    Even God cannot cure this or He doesn't take responsibility of any mechanical diffect in your later life.

    He is only for punish us and put on to hell.

    That's all about His role .

    Thank you

  • I'm currently suffering of this. Im going on my 4th week. Just received my 3rd and last cortisone injection. No improvement so far. MRI came out normal and there's is no explanation for my hearing loss. Here's hoping I just have to be patient and it'll come back eventually.

  • Lucky you... I am happy for you and yes, slightly envious.
    I've lost hearing on my right side at 26, after a terrible flu that turned out to be only a trigger for an ilness called "cholesterol granuloma." It's been almost 6 years since then, and I still can't get used to it. Tympanoplasty hasn't helped to restore hearing.
    Constant tinnitus is driving me crazy, and it only gets worse with time.

  • i lost hearing in left ear in January this year. it was sudden and i was shocked and anxious. i went to an ENT doctor and he diagnosed mild hearing loss in my left ear. my right ear is working fine. the hearing never came back i have moderate hearing loss in my left ear and it is due to damage to nerves in my ear. don't wait if you suffer sudden hearing loss get it checked immediately

  • I had sudden deafness in my left ear 22 years ago. I wasn't diagnosed for about 2 weeks, and the subsequent steroid and other treatments only led to very minor improvement, about 5% hearing. I have continuous white noise in the affected ear, which in the beginning was very frightening, and I thought it may drive me mad. Now I don't really notice it until talking about it like now., your brain learns to ignore it if you just try to carry on with life and stop looking for a cure. So for anyone who has this, get treatment asap. but if treatment doesn't work, it is not the end of the world, you will be fine, just stay calm.