Why Hearing Aids Prices Are High: Facts on Cost of Hearing Aids

Why Hearing Aids Prices Are High. In case you’re doing analysis to seek out out what listening to help is best for you, you in all probability already seen the BIG distinction in value from web sources to massive field shops and to specialists like Miracle-Ear. We’re right here to let you know why!
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Why Hearing Aids Prices Are High

19 thoughts on “Why Hearing Aids Prices Are High: Facts on Cost of Hearing Aids”

  1. As someone with knowledge of electronics and digital signal processing I can't believe how expensive these devices are – what a rip off! There is no justification for the markup on these devices.

  2. Thanks for never answering the question.

    Now, actually break down the cost of hearing aids and the services provided and then tell us why they have such a high markup.

    I work for an Optician/Audiologist in the UK and although our prices are lower, hearing aids are still starting at £1000 per pair for half decent quality. Luckily a lot of people can get it covered under the NHS, but still. Our prescription glasses start from £20 or so, why are they still expensive? I expect electronics to be more expensive, but not 50x more expensive, especially when you have wireless headphone companies making products out of similar components for much cheaper.

  3. The cost also covers lifetime aftercare and a 3 year warranty. No extra out of pocket for services like annual testing, fittings, adjustments and cleanings.

  4. Total B.S. The true cost should be somewhere between $50-150. and available at Walmart. The same old argument of research doesn't cut it anymore. Rip-off industry taking advantage of oldsters. Most Insurance companies steer clear because they know the truth!

  5. How can you justify the price of these, It is just a mic, amp and speaker. I understand that some can be programmed and equalised to a persons particular prescription, but this is simply trying to take advantage of people who have hearing loss.


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