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Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Dr. Ted explains Sudden Sensorineural Listening to Loss. Go to for extra info.


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  • Doctors, such as those in emergency rooms at hospitals, as well as first care clinics like Patient First, etc, need to be trained in how to handle these situations. Because they are not, it took several days for me to see an ENT, because they told me to give it a few days and it should get better. They did not treat as emergency. Therefore, it was 10 days after my onset of SSHL to get on steroids. Little to none of my hearing was restored, even after tympanic ear enjection. Had it been applies within 1 or 2 days, I might have gotten some or most of it back. Now I have to deal with 24/7 tinnitus and it has made life a living hell. And now I have to wear a hearing aid, because I have lost over 70% of high frequency hearing in my right ear.

  • I've had S.S.H.L. for 8 years. It literally happened overnight. I wasn't treated soon enough and I'll have this for the rest of my life. There is the tinnitus and my equilibrium is compromised. Other than that, I'm doing fine.

  • Before Expressing my Experience, I want to request all of you by using this platform"If you feel any blockage,Deafness,Tinititus,Noise in your ear more than 12 hours ,Then Rush to
    ENT specialist not G.P.
    Please Do Not waste your time with G.P as EAR only belongs to ENT.In most cases SSNHL Diagnosed too late resulting in the permanent Deafness*
    I got SSNHL on April 6,2020 at 8.30 pm in my left ear. After 1.5 hour approximately At 10 pm,I went to G.P and told him the situation. G.P told me that it was due to sore throat and gave me some antibiotics like Claythromycine with Zyrtec 10 mg(Anti allergy).
    I took that G.P medication for 4 days but still felt Tinititus and deafness in my left ear.
    Then I felt that something was seriously wrong .So I got to a very good ENT Specialist on 10th April,2020 at 3.30 pm When he checked my ear ,He told me that it looked like Moderate to Severe Unilateral SSNHL in left ear.He further told that it's a Medical emergency and
    should be treated within 24-72 hours maximum.He prescribed me to take Oral Prednisolone dosage of 30mg twice a day immediately. (60 mg/ Day initially and then Tappering).
    After PTA Test it was confirmed that I had Severe Sensorineural hearing loss of 65db-90 db in my left ear at different Frequency levels.
    But with the Grace of Allah Almighty and with the efforts of that ENT Specialist,I got starting better and better from 16th April and now almost made 85%-90% of Hearing Recovery after the treatment of 6 weeks.I had now only Over all 10-15 db of Hearing Loss in my left ear

    My ENT doctor told that you came too late like 90 hours when that happened. Secondly you were Diabetic as well,So it's really a Miracle.
    I told my Doc that I strongly believe in Allah Almighty and miracles do happen when you have faith in Allah Almighty-the only and one God .
    I am now feeling well and will be 100% Recovered very soon (Insha Allah)

  • Just before using this hearing loss solution “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it), I could barely hear over the ringing. This amazing guide has cut the noise down my more than half and I can hear better! Just beginning but notice a little improvement after 2 weeks on hearing. .

  • Wish this video was compulsory viewing for ED doctors. The scale of misdiagnosis and discharge appears to be pretty huge, at least anecdotally, reducing positive outcomes a lot and leading to huge onwards costs for either patient or healthcare system depending on funding.

    I experienced this and only got onto steroids barely within 48h by ignoring ED advice and going to a private GP who prescribed them. My recovery was almost total within a week, although I still have tinnitus, distortion and various issues. At every stage where I approached a hospital (two different hospitals) I was treated with scepticism, doubt and refusal of ENT. This condition clearly needs better publicity.

  • I have been suffering from hearing problems because of my work a lot while I was younger. My doctor informed me that there was not really much that I could do to enhance it so I started out researching. This hearing loss guideline “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) really was useful my tinnitus which was very annoying and disturbing. .

  • My dad is using hearing problems guideline “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it). It seems to be enhancing. He did not want to use a hearing aid, but he didn`t need to anymore because of this product. I do not feel like I have to be nearly as loud with regards to conversing with him. .

  • I got S.S.H.L. recently;
    was driving down the road, heard a high-pitched sound, and my hearing was unilaterally gone.
    Like a switch.
    Luckily my son was in the car, looked it up, and we drove straight to the hospital.
    I.V. steroids didn't help, nor a couple of tries injecting steroids behind the eardrum.
    Now I'm looking into the BAHA, etc.
    A friend of the family got bilateral S.S.H.L. in his twenties, when he'd just graduated law school.