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Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (Malayalam) Patient teaching programme

Sudden sensorineural listening to loss: definition, causes, affected person complaints, examination findings, investigations and remedy


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  • right ear nerve is damaged...I am so disturbed ... please give me a solution sir ....any treatment suggest it's problem?

  • Can you please explain how to take care of the ears after stapedectomy surgery and how long one should take special care

  • Sir ente kayyyil ninnum gund potti.. Ear drum broken aayittilla.. Continuous aayi tinitus sound kettondrikunnu 1 weak aayi.. Problm undo sir

  • Sir , I'm 20 years old...I have tinittus for almost 1 year now...I've drunk many medicines...but there is no any change...and also I did many hearing tests...and MRI scanning also...all the tests are normal 😭

  • Sir i have high frequency hearings loss low frequency 25/30 high frequency 100/105 db.. Wat i cando.. I used 3 machine.. But not comfortable for me.. Waist of money..

  • Enda friend ne oru side kalkilla Dr parajathe athinda reason entha ne anne arayilla annannee.but oru side kalkunnum after ippol kalkunna chavikke enthallum problem indavoo??
    Plz reply

  • My brother age 17.he also hearing loss both ears due to one day few ext Nov 18, 2021. We early to start the treatment to give ah steroids iv injection and Intra tymponic steroid injection. In respectively 3 weaks but no improvement. Now what we can do it.