Single-Sided Deafness: What Are Your Options?

On this video, Emma discusses Single-Sided Deafness (SSD), or unilateral listening to loss – what precisely is it, what are the challenges confronted by somebody with SSD, and what are among the choices at the moment obtainable to deal with it?


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  • I was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma few years ago. Doctors removed the tumor, but it was too risky to save the hearing. I now have permanent hearing loss in one ear. It can be very frustrating not being able to have full hearing capacity. After 10 hours of surgery and having my skull drilled and opened, I am petrified of having anything going near my skull again, so BAHA will probably not be a good option for me. I hope someday there’ll be better hearing aid that would be simple to use

  • chill guys we are lucky whn sleep we cant heard peopel snoring when we sleep side way..

  • I went deaf in my left ear when I was 11 (~14 yrs ago), and had a shunt put in for vertigo (I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease and I do not know if that was correct). I was also injected with Gentamicin and a steroid at the beginning.
    Do any of those operations preclude being treated with a Cochlear implant or the Baha?
    Thank you very much for this video!

  • That is very informative, Emma! Recently sudden one side hearing loss and going through the traumatic emotional roller coasters. This video makes me see a brighter future. Thanks!

  • Thought this was starting to happen just to find out i just had a bad experience with a piar of bluetooth earbuds, tested this with my plug-in headset and both sounded the same glad i wasn't going deaf

  • I lost my right ear hearing due to ball hits my ear and damage my ear drum n i completly lost my one sided hearing..unluckly i face a lot of problems dialy...can u give a any solution .Iam from pakistan

  • It would be nice if an airpod on the bad side could transmit sound to an airpod on the good side.

  • Thank you as always for your great videos. I suffered sudden sensorineural hearing loss in my left ear 10 years ago, when I was 40 . A hearing aid in my "severe hearing loss" ear will allow me to hear sounds; but the loss to nerves connecting to hearing brain means I cannot "understand" the sounds (i.e. just distorted sounds). Trialled various top-range CROS HAs, for months, a couple of times, over the past few years; however do not work in places with any background noise (In quiet office environment, my good right ear picks up fine anyhow, so can't notice the benefit of CROS much) As you mentioned, Cochlear Implants is now an option. However having been "deaf" in one ear for so long, one major concern is if my brain will quickly re-adapt to "understand" the electrical nerve impulses in a reasonable period of time (i.e. months, not years) given this is an invasive, destructive (i.e destroys nerves) and irreversible treatment. I am sure every case is different; however appreciate your insights based on any anecdotal patient cases & experiences to date; as well as suggestions for any other potential options? Thank you.

  • From a young age I had hearing problems in my left ear. even though people were whispering to me, I couldn't hear them. But what makes me confused is that eventho I just cover my right ear but it's feel like I'm covering both my ears (you must know what I mean right). So the question here is do I have single sided deafness?

    Can you please help me😭😭