Sudden Hearing Loss

Sudden Hearing Loss

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  • With sudden unilateral hearing loss, is it possible to hear high sounds better than lower sounds??

  • I recently acquired this hearing loss remedy “Kαmkαmfο tdα” (Google it) for my dear granny who`s a little losing her hearing. The good thing is, she did not protest and she began to make use of them based on the instructions. It has been a few weeks and I observed that she has not been asking individuals to repeat what they were saying, and she keeps saying her hearing is much more clear, as well. .

  • Dear Doctor Ted. Thank you for your great presentation. In fact, this just happened to me 3 days ago in the morning which my left ear hearing loss and I immediately visited a professional doctor in the same day. After checked, i am diagnosed with sudden hearing loss and I am provided the 2 type of medicines and combine with hyperbaric oxygen treatment for 10 days before re-visit. I am not quite sure if this is a procedures? Thank you so much in advance for your advice.