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What is Sensorineural Hearing Loss? – Ear Problems

Physician of Audiology, Clifford R. Olson, from Utilized Listening to Options in Anthem Arizona, discusses what the most typical kind of listening to loss is, what causes it, and what your remedy choices are.

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Over 90% of listening to losses are Sensorineural. Listening to loss can happen in 3 totally different areas of the ear. The outer ear, center ear, and inside ear. Sensorineural listening to losses contain the inside ear. Extra particularly, the cochlea and the Auditory nerve.

When Outer hair cells die, your greatest remedy possibility is often listening to aids.

When Internal hair cells die, chances are you’ll be a candidate for a cochlear implant.

When you’ve got a tumor in your auditory nerve, aka. Acoustic Neuroma, chances are you’ll want a CROS gadget or a Bone Anchored Listening to Help (BAHA). In some circumstances, chances are you’ll want a brainstem implant if each auditory nerves have tumors.

At all times ensure that to seek the advice of with an Audiologist to find out which kind of listening to loss you’ve got and what you must do about it.


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  • I'm experiencing SNHL and tinnutus in my right ear at the same time. I failed many interviews because I can't focus :(

  • Im getting hearing problem from both ears since 2010. I hv showed with doctor n they hv suggested to use hearing aid. Is it gud to use hearing aid after loosing 25percent hearing loss?Is there any natural way of treatment?

  • I listen to music a lot
    And my right ear is ringing really loud for 2 days now.
    I put rubbing alcohol and it burn a little so I'm hoping it's just ear infection and not permanent hearing loss...

  • Who watched this on a very low volume from fear that you may damage your ears even more?

  • When there is a loud sound like someone pounds a nail, I hear some cracking noise like plastic being crumpled in my left ear. I have a bell's palsy two years ago. Is it because of the bell's palsy why I hearing this?

  • Is it hearing loss if someone has a difficulty telling what direction a sound is coming from?

  • for a few years now the background noises around me seems to drown out when people are talking people who are talking even near me sounds like they are mumbling

  • My problem is a slightly distorted "edge" in sounds of a certain frequency. I had an audiogram and it shows that I have 94% hearing in my right ear but about 88% in my left ear. I am a former Professional vocalist - I also suffer with sound Sensitivity and can't stand noisy places. Years ago, I originally got hyperacusis and tinnitus (back in 1997) but over time things improved. This past year however, I have sound sensitivity and music can only be played at a very soft level (I never listened to 'rock' music) for music now has an electronic distorted "edge" to it. I do my very best to stay out of noisy environments and I take specific vitamins that (supposedly) help your hearing or preserve it (who knows, there's a lot of baloney out there) - my question is, over time, will this 'distorted edge' improve, as it has done in the past? I had a head cold several months ago and it left my with Diplacusis, where one ear hears at a different "Pitch" than the other and as a former vocalist I understand and am sensitive to pitch discrepencies. Also, a land line telephone dial tone is definitely "higher" in my left ear as opposed to my right ear. Right now, there is a slight improvement but I really am dismayed that, while I can still "hear" music, I don't have the same level of enjoyment since I don't really "hear" it as I used to. Any advice at all would certainly Be appreciated immensely Doctor Cliff.