Questions Asked about Neosensory Duo and Lenire

Questions Asked about Neosensory Duo and Lenire

Questions Asked about Neosensory Duo and Lenire. This video is a recorded question & answer session on Neosensory Duo and Lenire, from the Houston, Texas Tinnitus Support Group. I completed a presentation about the two newest 2021. Hey, everyone, it’s Amanda from RetroMurray Productions and I’m here to talk to you about a new tool that I got for my birthday. So I– You know it’s hard sometimes being on a film set. I’m deaf.

I wear a hearing aid as some of you know and it helps me hear some things. The hearing aid just doesn’t pick up everything. It’s not like glasses that makes you have perfect vision and so I got this really cool new tool for my birthday that I feel like will really help me be more aware and alert to the sounds around me in everyday life and when I’m on a movie set and it’s called the Neosensory Buzz.

The Neosensory Buzz. And it’s really interesting because what it says here is it says “feel sound as vibrations” so I thought that this was really fascinating and I wanted to try it out for myself and you just open this up and you’ve got this little box here and you take apart the box like this.

All right? And then you’ve got– You’ve got these things. So, this is the “get started” thing and this is the Neosensory Buzz warranty guide. This is important. You want to keep hold on to the warranty guide always.

Get started

And, so the “get started” is actually really easy. The first step you have to do is download an app on your phone and that’s what I did I downloaded the app and then this is the Neosensory Buzz itself.

To be honest, my first impression was that it kind of looks like one of those ankle bracelets that you wear on probation or under house arrest or certain things like that. That’s kind of what I thought looks like to me and so it’s not like a watch or anything.

It’s only purpose– only purpose is to help you feel sound as vibration and the way you feel the vibrations are on these four little raised bumps right here. And it’s really– it’s interested very complex.

When I first put it on and I felt the vibration of my family having conversation amongst themselves, it really felt like the vibration of talking. It felt like muted, muffled talking– voices. And it’s really interesting.

How you turn it on

So, how you turn it on, it’s got this little button on the side here you press it and these lights come on and it’s all ready. As I’m talking right now I can feel all the vibration on these little things.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to feel the vibration on my Neosensory buzz ’cause, you know, video. But you can just feel– I can feel them right here. As I’m talking, I can feel my voice.

So, what’s really cool is you can also have another setting on here, which– you can’t really see them very well, but you’ve got a minus button and a plus button up here. If you want the microphone, which is right here, to be extra sensitive to, like– to softer sounds, you can press the plus sign and it goes all the way up to three or if you want it to be not sensitive and only pick up, like, loud sounds, like– I don’t know– a siren going past down the street you could push the minus down all the way down to the first button all the way down to its first light and– and so it’s not– it’s barely picking up my talking.

So, I have to, like, really be loud to get it to vibrate now. My favorite setting has been the one in the middle. Right here, the one in the middle with the two lights. That one’s actually been my favorite.

My own voice

It picks up and compared picks up my own voice, but just it’s fine I got used to it and it picks up my family’s voice it took some a child’s voice and one thing that’s interesting is when my child screams it’s a really really high pitch scream and I can’t hear that scream even with my hearing aid and I cannot hear this scream and suddenly he so he screamed yesterday and I was we’re in this new sensory bar that I’m no rest and I could feel I could feel the scream him on my wrist I plan on shooting a documentary this summer and I’m really hopeful that this new sensory buzz will be a really handy tool during that time when I might need to be extra sensitive to sound

So the way I wear it you can wear out either way I don’t you know doesn’t matter but the way I wear is this way with the power button right here and you’ve got a like loop it through kind of watch where kinda like a watch and you whip it through and and then you’ve got the whole thing and just like that okay and again kernel second and call monitor or whatever except like on the rest so I mean it’s big and black and bulky and I don’t really like that part but I love that I can feel vibration when my when my son runs across the cement I get the cutest little cap cap I’m arrested it’s just so adorable.

Love it

I love it so if you’re deaf and sometimes you feel like you might need more awareness of sound around you I think some the other sensory buzz is a great tool to have to help you feel sound so you don’t need to wear hearing aid or cochlear implant it’s like that to have one of these it’s just I like it I suggest you get it and no this is not sponsored by the new sensory both at all I just wanted to pull out this recommendation so anyway I hope you guys have a fantastic evening and I will cut y’all later

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