Eargo 5 Hearing Aid How It Works: This video will show you

Eargo 5 Hearing Aid How It Works

Eargo 5 Hearing Aid How It Works


Eargo 5 Hearing Aid How It Works. This video will show you how the new Eargo 5 hearing aid works. This hearing aid is rechargeable, invisible, and can be purchased online.

Hi. I’m Dr. Brad Ingrao, audiologist and  hearing aids expert for seniorliving.org. Today,   we’re going to unbox the Eargo Neo  HiFi hearing aid. Check the links below   to see our full review on this hearing aid product.

   Here we’ve got the unboxing of the Eargo hearing aids. They come in a little box about four and   a half inches square. Nice little box. “Your  world is waiting.” Its quick start guide   as well as a cleaning cloth.

Now, this little box here or this little container here is both your   storage container and your charging port. So, we’re going to get to that in just a second. Underneath   there, there’s a USB cable, standard USB to USB-C, a wall adapter for the USB cable, two packages   of assorted flexi-tips for making sure that  the hearing aids fit your ears properly, some   wax guards — these are important for keeping the sound quality coming out of the hearing aids   nice and clear — and a little brush.

Hockey puck

I really like it when a company kind of minimizes their packaging.   if we look at this, what looks  kind of like a hockey puck,   opening this up we see the hearing aids  inside and they snap back in here for charging.

That little connector on the bottom, that’s  your USB-C, and that connects in just like that.   i find that the Eargo did a really  nice job on the packaging. If you   want to find out more about the hearing  aids themselves, check out our review on   the website, and thanks very much.

That’s the unboxing of the Eargo Neo HiFi hearing aid.