Effectiveness of Acetazolamide for Pseudotumor Cerebri: Eye Doctor Explains

Effectiveness of Acetazolamide for Pseudotumor Cerebri. On this video Dr. D explains a case research the place a affected person was recognized with pseudotumor cerebri (idiopathic intracranial hypertension or IIH). She goes by means of his signs, her findings, his remedy, and the way he is doing now. IIH is usually a situation that robs somebody of their imaginative and prescient, however will be caught by a radical annual eye examination. When you have pseudotumor cerebri, depart a remark under explaining the way you had been recognized, how your imaginative and prescient has been affected, and if you happen to’re presently taking diamox (aka acetazolamide).
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Effectiveness of Acetazolamide for Pseudotumor Cerebri

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30 thoughts on “Effectiveness of Acetazolamide for Pseudotumor Cerebri: Eye Doctor Explains”

  1. Me and my stepdad have ihh, we both have a drain.
    I have had it since i was 5 and he since he was 46. I had a pressure of above 50 and i didnt have as much pain or the feeling of pressure as him while he had a pressure of about 35.
    Why did i have less of a feeling of pressure than him while i had a much higher pressure

  2. I was diagnosed iih 2 years ago. I’ve had 21 lumbar punctures make no difference been openings of 37 to 46. Tablets makes me fell worse. I’ve had many stages where I just wanted to end it all. It’s a horrible condition

  3. My wife suffers from this and has been for the past 3 years. The side effects from the medication are horrible. It seems that the surgery is the only way to really treat this? My wife doesn’t want to go under the knife in that way.

  4. Hold the phone! I have Iih I have dealt with Iih for over 10 years. Iih is not caused by weight but is effected by weight. Iih also causes weight gain. Opening pressure can be lower then 15. Please don’t push the weight part because it’s not the only factor. Why does being over weight effect icp? Well estrogen is stored in fat cells. Estrogen also causes fluid retention!

  5. Dr D did the patient go back on the diamox after he had the shut placed ? I have pseudo tumor and the tinnitus and head is awe ful ; along with the unpleasant side effect from the diamox ; I could not tolerate the topmax but the metroprol helped , i am searching additional options

  6. Moral of my last comment. Dont get a lumbar puncture . First try diamox first. Lumbar puncture caused all problems .. back hurts resultant and the hematoma, hospital stay and all my suffering caused by lp. Optic nerve never but 1.5 elevation and most of time just a trace. Try not to have lp which is invasive or stent. Shunt…unless high elev and threat of blindness. Wait it might resolve

  7. Diagnosed with PTC in 2013 after slight swollen optic nerve .by eye dr . Went to Neurologist who recommended lumbar puncture. She did it in office. Immediately extreme headaches and back pain, Er visits. admit for blood patch, home after, rushed back to ER had a subdural hematoma in the left tentorium, heart rate went down to 30, admit to NCCU for week.Imag showed resultant left transverse sinus occlusion . Took daimoz for 8 years. Went to JH, Mayo. Univ of Fl, Tampa, U of Miami to Drs to see if rec shunt or stent. .Waited in Hope's. In 2020 was diagnosed with HL. when pregnant took Advd chemo during pregnancy still on diamox
    Had emerg c section 7 4 2020 in ICU with a tube down throat on ventilator for 8 days, home on 7/15/20. Had diamox in iv there . Out of icu stopped diamox could not swallow for awhile. Trying it without being monitored.

  8. The same thing happened to me 23 years ago. I was having headaches so I went to the eye doctor to make sure it wasn't from straining. The doctor kind of panicked because she saw pappliedema and insisted that I go to the ER immediately for CT Scan to rule out a tumor. I was told I had pseudotumor cerebri. I never got any kind of treatment for it and went on about my life for the next 20 years. I self medicated with 1200 mg of motrin for my headaches. I suffered quite a bit. Most doctors had no idea what I had and thought it was "all in my head". Now I am 46 and my vision is deteriorating significantly. I believe that the pressure in my brain and spinal column is also causing me to have some nerve pain in other parts of my body as well. Some days I can barely walk. I am about to ask my eye doctor about shunt or stent surgery because I cannot tolerate the acetezolamide. The side effects of the medicine are worse than the disease. For me anyways.

    Long story short… If you get this diagnosis, don't avoid getting help. It is a very real disease that should be treated.

  9. I’ve been suffering eye problem since 2019. And my eye got loosens last Dec. 2020. My optha doctor prescribed me to take steroids. And im taking it now for 3months. They say its pseudo tumor. Check my channel i have video here to see my condition.

  10. I have IIH and thank god for my ophthalmologist every day because it was missed by primary care, ent, audiologist, neurology, and neurosurgery. He sent me right from my regular eye exam to the ER, thinking I had a tumor or bleed. I still have active disease on diamox and Topamax and see my neuro-ophthalmologist every 3 months

  11. I have IIH and it’s a nightmare. I had it for about a year, and half a year with diamox (what I call the demon drug). Two months ago my neuro and neuro ophthalmologist said it was in remission. I went for my check up today…and it’s back. I hate it. Time to go back on diamox…oh the joy 🙄🙄 it’s incurable so it’ll never be gone, but it can go into remission


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