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Nerve Deafness | Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSNHL)

Nerve Deafness | Sudden Sensorineural Listening to Loss (SSNHL)

When is my listening to loss fastened by surgical procedure? What’s Nerve Deafness? What’s Sensorineural listening to loss (SNHL)? What’s nerve harm? What is the share of listening to loss? Can listening to aids repair nerve harm?

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  • I have this and it resulted in permanent loss of 90% in my left ear and severe tinnitus. Question is, how is it when flying?

  • This topic is very interesting, especially because it is something that can happen to all of us and it is always good to know a little more about what it is about and how to combat it or at least deal with it. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge on your channel. Waiting for your next videos.

  • Thanks for this video, you really made it very entertaining and fun, your content is really good, thanks for sharing

  • well explained and detailed info regarding Nerve Deafness.. Very detailed presentation.

  • Excellent an much needed info u had shown to get sshl with complete details.. An will follow an try soon !!!

  • Wow!! The Best Updated Method Shared Ever. this method is working perfectly

    thanks for sharing.