Pocketalker 2.0 Review | Cheap Alternative To Hearing Aids | Personal Sound Amplifiers

Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist from Anthem Arizona, critiques the one of many extra standard Private Sound Amplifiers (PSAPs) available on the market…the Pocketalker 2.0.

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Pocketalker 2.0 – http://amzn.to/2GIvaGI
Pocketalker 2.0 w/Rechargeable Package – http://amzn.to/2E0rO03
Pocketalker 2.0 w/Telecoil Neck Loop – http://amzn.to/2GJvLrV

As soon as a tool that was solely utilized in medical doctors workplaces for sufferers who had issues listening to their physician’s orders, the Pocketalker has turn out to be a extra utilized Private Sound Amplifier for on a regular basis conditions.

The Pocketalker 2.0 shouldn’t be a listening to support, however can amplify sound to a stage that might be extra audible for the consumer. It has a in-built Microphone & Telecoil, has a 12 foot lengthy microphone extender cable, and may even be made rechargeable. When you’ve got present listening to aids with Telecoils, you need to use the Tele-loop accent to entry the options of the Pocketalker 2.0 and stream sound immediately into your listening to aids.

The Pocketalker mainly has the potential of turning up the quantity of sound, much like how you’d improve the quantity on the TV. One of many solely drawbacks that I discovered in testing is that if you exceed quantity stage #3, you begin experiencing suggestions (whistling). To stop this, you have to to both use the microphone extender cable, or a pair of headphones that higher seals round your ears.

General, the Pocketalker 2.0 is a superb private sound amplifier that may give you a considerable quantity increase and is comparatively low value at round $250 or much less.

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  1. Mom bought an older pocket talker from mayo clinic. Still kind of expensive for her. It didn't work. We took it back and they gave us another one, but it didnt work either. They worked for a short time, but then both quit. Now they have 2.0. Not sure about that one.

  2. Oh; Attaching the foam covered mic to the long cord makes sense but otherwise, since it has a built in mic, why would I want to snap in that other foam covered mic directly into the unit? IOW, why does it have two mics? Thanks again doc

  3. Hi; are either of the two microphones considered to be directional or are they omnidirectional. IOW, can you point it at the person talking and not get so much room noise? thank you

  4. I have tried many hearing aids. My latest is the Widex Moment, $6,000.

    Audiologists are concerned with charts and hitting frequencies on the chart.

    I am concerned about the sound quality. Hearing aids suck. Plain and simple. All of them. Not one gives the fidelity of this unit. I don't care what frequencies they hit on the chart. They sound terrible. This sounds natural. I've never found a hearing aid that sounds as natural as this. And I've spend the money and time.

    This aint cool or invisible. But, if you want to hear, this works. Audiologists are not going to make any money on this.

  5. Good Morning, We just received our pocket walker 2.0 .You mentioned purchasing alternative headphones. Which would you recommend. My father is 86 , oriented , legally blind and now almost completely deaf. He says he can hear us with the pocket walker but still can’t make out what we are saying. We’re trying all we can to communicate with him. Any advice would be great. Thanks Liz

  6. Doctor Cliff, you may want to change the thumbnail picture, if possible. The picture gives the impression that you don't like it. I nearly p assed over it for that reason. You answered my question, that it can Bluetooth to my hearing aid using a neck loop thing.

  7. Will using this device benefit those with no hearing loss in communicating with someone with profound hearing loss? My aunt uses hearing aids, but communicating is very difficult despite this and when speaking to her it is necessary to shout., even when speaking clearly and carefully annunciating words. The acoustics in her home exacerbate this, I think, as her Florida home has very high cement or stucco ceilings. Can this device help, and would she use it with or without her hearing aids? Thank you in advance!

  8. Have an older pocketalket for my husband, he has severe hearing loss and has hearing aides but has difficulty hearing…as the Pocketalker 2.0 improved and. If I purchased it and the Telaloop so it could be used by my husband with his hearing aides would you recommend?

  9. I am a therapist seeing clients on my patio because of Covid. I place clients 12" feet away and have been tryin g to use phones to increase the sound. (I have 30%) or more hearing loss. It works at about 20%, looking for a better method. It sounds like the pocket talker "might" be the perfect device, which will allow me to continue therapy sessions. Thank you so much. Your video is excellent. Very clear, very good sound, not talking too fast, good demo. I am so very grateful. Dr. Theresa Karam

  10. My mom is 83 and her old hearing aid no longer works. She has gotten to the point where I cannot speak to her on the phone. However, she does hear certain things and continually tells me that she can hear but that the words are not clear. I have read that no hearing device is capable of making words clearer. I am very confused by all of this. I have taken my mom to doctors and audiologists but they just want to sell her expensive hearing aids. I purchased one last year to try after four visits to the audiologist and she refused to wear it because it wasn't like her old one. She get confused easily. She also has some dementia. I am not sure if the dementia is coming from the lack of hearing the world or other reasons. She does hear me much more clearing when we are closed in my car so I keep thinking background noise is her biggest issue. Would you recommend trying something like this with good noise canceling headphones or to keep trying to get hearing aids? She does plug some Bose headphones into her tv and it seems to help. She will say they are too loud at a certain point but she still doesn't seem to catch the words. I am in Miami, FL and I cannot find the right person/doctor to help. It is extremely frustrating. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Just wanted to tell you that this unit is amazing!!
    I can hea rmy wife speaking from the kitchen when I'm in the basement and can understand every word. T
    his thing is truly amazing! I can set the tone control and get the exact EQ
    for my ears. I feel like I've been reborn. LOL I give it *** stars> Note…I've spent $2,500 on hearing aides in the last year and the Pocketalker 2.0 is so much better~!!
    Thank you.

  12. Hi, i have read disclaimers from this pocketalker for caution for people with pacemakers.. My husband is unable to wear in ear hearing aids and this pocketalker sure helps a lot. From you experience has it been an issue for persons with pacemakers?

  13. Hi, I also have an older pocketalker and several other types of personal amplifiers which I use through bone conduction headphones. I have a 'conductive' hearing problem so cannot wear hearing aids. I use both wired and Bluetooth bone conduction headphones for the TV, telephone and ambient sound and the quality is very good. This technology is cheap and not enough is made of it. I would love you to test some of this equipment.

    Good videos. Well done

  14. I love your videos, they help a lot with understanding what’s happening. I have mid hearing loss and am about to be fitted with hearing aides so I’m trying to educate myself. Thanks again.

  15. I have an older Pocketalker (3 years) and it was under $100. It has a superior fidelity of sound than my $3,800 hearing aids! I use it mostly at home for listening to the TV.

  16. Hi Dr. Cliff,
    My mother has severe hearing loss and states her expensive hearing aids that are more than 15 years old are no longer effective. Will the Pocket talker 2.0 help if she wears it with her hearing aids?

  17. I wonder if this would help me to hear my own singing voice, 2nd soprano, in a large chorus?
    At 68 (retired RN) with hearing loss, in my upper range, & 2 rows of basses behind me
    having pitch problems. Any advice would be welcomed.
    Thank you, Jeanne


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