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Top 5 Best Hearing Aids 2022 | Doctor Cliff Reacts

Prime 5 Picks – Prime 5 Greatest Listening to Aids of 2022 | Physician Cliff Reacts. Physician Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, reacts to a video from Prime 5 Picks on their Prime 5 greatest listening to aids.

Prime 5 Greatest Listening to Aids
5. MD Listening to Support
4. Eargo Listening to Support
3. Widex Second Listening to Support
2. ReSound ONE Listening to Support
1. Pay attention Energetic Listening to Support


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  • Dr. Cliff I love your videos and find them incredibly helpful. Your entire demeanor changed when you said the words Listen Lively. You became more agitated (I assume because they are locked?) which I found interesting. I've tried Eargo 5, Bose HA (before they exited) and now Listen Lively and I have to say they address my needs the best. Could I bring my bose HA to your clinic to get a real ear measurement test and then help to adjust them to meet the needs? I think this is just a side effect of offering HA at a lower cost online and I'm glad that a company like Listen Lively (ReSound) puts these out and their remote telecare is great (given the limitations).

  • What is presented illustrates the fundamental problem with hearing aids: unlike with vision correction, there is no "20-20'" standard that that identifies what is normal hearing. Thus, anything that makes hearing better is marketable, as "perfect hearing" with any hearing aid is not determinable. Leaving plenty of room for scams and also leaving us depending upon the audiologist to provide the best result for us a individuals. And as I am sure you agree, Cliff, all audiologists are not equally competent.

  • Hello doctor it's Paul Miles once again. I would really like to send you an email. About something that happened to me. And about how it should not happen to me because of you. Your video above was absolutely perfect. After that everybody else was absolutely wrong and have ruined my life. I like you to read my email, I'm sure if you believe that I am 100% correct and these things happen to me 100% the way they did. It would probably even anger you. I would love to send it to you I believe you would be maybe so disappointed to what happened you would probably post another video. About sudden sensitarial hearing loss. I sure hope you provide a way for me to send this to you it's way too long to send it to messaging.

  • I am uncomfortable to use my newly acquired seimen's hearing aids be cause of hypercusis, audiologist says that it will take three months time to habituate.

  • Dear Sir,
    My son is having from Waardenburg syndrome and right now his BERA test is abnormal and doctors suggest us cochler inplant. Please suggest 🙏

  • Audio Prothesis. Misphrasing of the term "Audioprosthologist", which is a term sometimes used in the United States for hearing instrument specialists (but actually discouraged in many states because it sounds too close to audiologist; Oregon prohibits to the use of the term, as an example.

    However, it's used quite frequently and accepted in Europe and other continents.

  • Sorry Cliff -- inaccurate about how old Widex Moment is. You said "Several years ago" and that it's on the "older side of hearing aid technology." It's actually (for now) Widex's most current platform, and was released in the summer of 2020 -- only two years ago, not several. Product lifespans are typically 18-24 months before new platforms come out, so they're still within that time frame, and just announced something new coming in the fall. Covid may have slowed them down a bit. I haven't seen you give as much attention to Widex in your regular videos, so I suspect they just aren't on your radar as much. You did a great video discussing the Moment product's "Puresound" feature, which helps reduce the comb-filter effect (and you did an excellent job explaining what that is), and I'm assuming this is what the reviewer was discussing when it comes the "metallic" sound. As previously mentioned, you give a much better explanation about everything, like the AI and Sound Sense Learning feature, so I'd recommend you over anyone else when it comes to watching product review videos. My only contention is the age comment.

    Then again, I'm about twice your age, and so quite sensitive about the accuracy of anyone discussing time frames. ;)