Phonak Audeo Paradise Hearing Aid Detailed Review

Phonak Audeo Paradise Hearing Aid Detailed Review. Phonak Audeo Paradise Listening to Support Detailed Evaluate | The Marvel Solely BETTER! Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, evaluations the most recent listening to help from Phonak, the Audéo Paradise Receiver-in-Canal listening to help.

Phonak Audeo Paradise Hearing Aid Detailed Review

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I am undecided how Phonak did it, however they only launched a listening to help that’s even higher than the already spectacular Marvel line of units with the creation of the New Audeo Paradise Listening to Support. Marvel, the predecessor to the Paradise, has been one of many Finest and Most Fashionable Listening to aids in Phonak Historical past and probably the preferred of any listening to help ever made. So what does the Audeo Paradise convey to the desk that the Marvel did not?

The look of the Paradise is similar to the Marvel. The one variations are a slight microphone port orientation change and slimmer push buttons. They’ve the identical shade choices because the Marvel, they use the identical receiver wires and the identical CeruShield Wax Traps. Your entire lineup of Paradise listening to aids is being launched. They’ve the Measurement 312 battery possibility, Measurement 13 battery with Telecoil, Rechargeable, and Rechargeable with Telecoil. Sadly, they eradicated their Measurement 312 battery with Telecoil possibility.

The brand new {hardware} options the brand new PRISM chip which stands for Processing Actual-time Clever Sound Administration. It has double the reminiscence because the earlier SWORD chip with out making the listening to aids bigger. It additionally has a brand new Movement Sensor within the Rechargeable Variations. The movement sensors regulate your listening to help settings primarily based on motion which may enhance how your listening to aids work whereas strolling.

Maybe the best factor in regards to the PRISM chip is that it permits for extra and higher wi-fi connectivity. The Paradise can now be Paired with 8 completely different units, Apple or Android. They’ll actively connect with 2 completely different units on the similar time so you do not have to continuously flip OFF/ON Bluetooth to modify between completely different Bluetooth units.

The Paradise listening to aids provide true Arms-Free telephone calling, as a result of they use the microphones in your listening to aids to choose up your voice and ship it to the particular person on the opposite finish of the road. What’s even cooler, is you need not seek for the push button anymore if you wish to reply telephone calls. With the Movement Sensor, you’ll be able to simply double faucet your ear to reply your telephone and double faucet once more to hold up. Your listening to aids will even announce who is asking so you do not even want your telephone to see who is asking.

You’ll be able to stream audio from just about any Bluetooth machine as nicely so if you wish to take heed to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or YouTube movies, you will get the audio instantly into your listening to aids. The Audeo Paradise Listening to Aids additionally allow you to entry your Voice Assistant akin to Siri, Bixby, or Google Assistant with a double faucet as nicely so you do not even want to have a look at your telephone anymore.

The Paradise units connect with 2 TV Connectors at one time, offer you entry to the PartnerMic distant microphone, Roger Choose or Roger Pen with an built-in Roger Receiver, and entry to a Distant Management or the MyPhonak App. The MyPhonak app is similar to the App utilized by the Marvel, with a number of small changes. You’ll be able to regulate Quantity, Program, a 3-band equalizer, Noise Discount, Speech Focus, and Compression.

In fact, you’ll be able to nonetheless do Distant Care together with your listening to care supplier via your Good Gadget. I’ve accomplished a TON of Distant Care periods with sufferers who’ve the Marvel units and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Not do it is advisable to go in to your supplier’s workplace for changes in the event you dwell far-off or cannot bodily make it to their workplace. I discover it to be extraordinarily handy and dependable so long as no bodily upkeep or repairs are wanted.

Phonak has additionally launched the New AutoSense OS 4.0 Working System. This provides you the entire similar options as 3.0 with a number of key additions on high of the Movement Sensor. These embrace Dynamic Noise Cancellation which may enhance Sign-to-Noise by as much as 4 decibels which is an enormous deal, Speech Enhancer which will increase audibility in quiet environments, and the power of your listening to care supplier to create 4 extra guide applications as an alternative of three. They’re additionally releasing a brand new Becoming system known as Adaptive Phonak Digital 2.0 which is designed to permit Adaptive Compression Speeds, make the most of extra Linear Excessive-Degree Acquire, and carry out a greater First-Match pre-calculation.

The Paradise doesn’t but have a CROS possibility for Single Sided Deafness.


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  1. My audiologist says that the P90 now comes in a CROS version. So, that leads me to a question. My audiologist is asking $5,300 for the P90 with CROS. I see them advertised by other audiologists in my area for as little as $3,300 per pair. How do I get the best price? Can I call around and get a quote? Will the want me to come in? Will I be charged for an office visit just to get a quote? Will my current audiologist negotiate? Sorry for so many questions but a $2,000 savings is a lot of money.

  2. I am just about to get my phonak audeo p70-rl. I have really bad Tinnitus what programs do you recommend me to listen too that will help with Tinnitus. Thank you

  3. I just returned from my wife’s audiologist in NYC. He is affiliated with a hospital. He spent 30 minutes but failed to get the Phonak “ON” to work. He spoke with a Phonak rep ( after a long wait) ; she could not solve the problem. Be aware !

  4. Dr cliff your videos are awesome, I am thinking of getting the phonak p90 my question is my phone is an android Samsung galaxy s20 5g note using version 12 . It is not working right with pairing Bluetooth on my Resound linx quattro 7 ,I am still in my trial program my autholigist says I can get my money back or change my phone to an apple that will be more compatible for Resound but I would like to get the phonak p90 hoping it will work better with my Samsung galaxy

  5. Hi, I'm John watched your brilliant video, I'm not sure if you will know the answer to my question, but here goes, will there be any différance between the US model and the UK model.
    Second, is it possible to put the model number in the photo part of each video it would make it so much easier for people looking for one particular such as P30 P50 P70 or P90.
    I have had the hearing test done by Boots the chemist, and he is starting me off with the P50
    from the 15 /o6/over the next two months, after seeing your video, I am getting really excited. Thank you so much.
    John stay well.

  6. I have a brand new (3 days old) Audio Life hearing aid (left ear only) and I can't get it to respond to a double tap and saying "Call Linda" (my wife). No response whatsoever. All other features work fine, but not calling anyone by tapping and initiating a call.Any suggestions?

  7. Looking for advice on these. I keep seeing people sing their praises while I feel like I might as well have thrown $6k down the drain.

    Have p70 rechargeables. With previous power receivers I had significant feedback in my worst hearing side. Sitting at my desk for work around 1m from the wall was enough for a persistent whine, so anything moving close by and OUCH! So I went back and they suggested standard receivers. Tried them and no feedback. Great! Then I tried Bluetooth when home (yup, now I know to test this in office every time!) and disaster. They're completely unusable. Everything is extremely digital, buzzy, and I just can't use them. Worth noting I have autism with significant sound sensitivity which doesn't help. However, I WAS streaming music previously and they were working great. If they were setup to stream fully (turning mic off) they were fantastic. Using them as regular hearing aids, not so much because of the feedback, but I could at least reduce that by turning it down to level 1 or 2 (level 5 being the default).

    Are power receivers better for streaming? And if so, are there any specific tricks to minimise feedback? Or if they aren't supposed to make a difference for streaming, is there a trick to fix the buzzing/crunchiness especially in bass? At this point I want to go back to what I had, even if it means going back to no more hugging my girlfriend because of the feedback, but if there's any suggestions I'll take them as I've resigned myself to feeling like an idiot for getting excited about having direct bluetooth options. I'd return to the cheaper aids and use a compilot in a second compared to what I've dealt with with these.

    Additional less important question: Is there a way to default streaming to full streaming audio and zero mic as opposed to the current default half way in app? I never, ever want the half way, and having to set this every time it connects is super frustrating, especially when there's always a delay in the app connecting.

  8. When speaking on the phone via these hearing aids the aids still amplify the surrounding sound and pipe it into your ear. There is no way for the user to change the volume of the amplification because the volume controls just control the sound coming from the phone when in phone call mode….. and my audiologist says (while there is a setting to reduce this) this can't be completely shut off in the programming either. I find this incredibly hard to believe. Why on earth does the hearing aid insist on amplifying the road noise making it even harder to hear the person on the other end of the phone call?

  9. I ride my bicycle for about two hours a day. I love that I can listen to music through my new Paradise aids, but the wind noise is still an issue. Is there a setting or adjustment that my audiologist can use to cut out the wind sound without losing the sound of cars approaching from behind?

  10. Just received a pair of these two weeks ago. As an individual with a lifelong hearing loss and a fan of ITC, I was told it was time to get BTE for more power to properly fix my hearing loss. It took a bit of an adjustment but I am quite satisfied with them. My only pet peeve is the clicking noises when I use certain apps on my iPhone. I have turned off haptics and notifications but I still get them. If anyone has a solution to this I would love to hear it. Besides that, this is my first time with Phonak and it is a great product!

  11. Is it really such a big differnce in using P30 vs P90 without dynamic noise canceling and speach enhancer or is just minor and hard to hear the differnce if real era measuremnt is done well ? I appreciate your answer

  12. I have had Paradise P90's for about 2 years now & as far as I'm concerned they are junk or my audiologist doesn't know a damn thing about adjusting them. I wish I never purchased these hearing aids. When I replace them I will probably go with ones that are $500 for the set. That way if they don't preform I won't feel as bad about spending around $6K for the ones I have now.

  13. My wife's Phonak paradise hearing aids suddenly stopped working. We live 100 miles from NYC so we had to contact to audiologist ( not simple; I reached him by email eventually ), mail the hearing aids to him, wait for the hearing aids to go to Illinois where Phonak serviced them, and we still wait for their return …..Two weeks !
    What about recommending extra hearing aids as backup…..another issue you just touch on. Only the provider knows when there is a firmware ( or is it software update ). My wife's provider never even mentioned updates. How do you handle this ?
    Great programs….


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