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UPDATED! Oticon More Hearing Aid Review | Is it the BEST Hearing Aid of 2022?

Extra™ is the newest flagship listening to assist from Danish listening to assist producer Oticon. Extra picks up the place Opn S left off, advancing Oticon’s BrainHearing™ philosophy with a Deep Neural Community (DNN) that runs onboard Oticon’s new Polaris sound processing platform.

However, what does all of it imply for you?

In his newest listening to assist evaluation video, audiologist Matthew Allsop discusses the main points of Extra in easy phrases and offers a abstract of the suggestions from his sufferers who put on the brand new listening to aids every day. Watch the entire video as Matthew covers the professionals and cons of Extra and covers the newest bulletins from Oticon, together with:

– The brand new Extra miniRITE T mannequin
– A brand new moveable SmartCharger
– The brand new CROS PX transmitter, appropriate with Oticon Extra
– MoreMusic program for higher music sound high quality

Oticon Extra Critiques:
IFTTT Oticon recipes:
What do Bluetooth listening to aids do?
Oticon Equipment:
Matthew Allsop is the Video Content material Supervisor at HearingTracker. He cares for sufferers with listening to loss at his London-based clinic, Harley Avenue Listening to. You will get in contact on concerning new content material concepts or to develop into a affected person.

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  • Excellent review Matthew. How does this compare to Xceed? Will there ever be a UP version of the More?

  • +
    I have a question that I cannot get an answered. I have talked to my audiologist and Odicon Customer Support. My audiologist has said that the More 1 is about $2000/pair more expensive than the More 3. When I asked Odicon "What do I get for the extra money?" They talk about extra channels,better programing, and other technical stuff being better. In essence the More 1 is the better product depending on my hearing loss. The problem is they cannot really enough for me to decide why I should spend an extra $2000 dollars. I have no way of judging if I need they extra flexibility of the More 1. There is also the question of the speakers. There are three types and I do not know if I should get the better speakers. Can you help me understand what the differences mean in real life?

  • Audiologist recommended the Oticon More...but I want fun colors. Am I losing anything by choosing the Play PX over the More?

  • For a pair of Oticon More 1 costing North of £4k why is there no 'Normal' Bluetooth capability.. is there a cheaper alternative to the Connect device? I hear the TV fine but spend more time on the computer watching 'Hearing Tracker.'.. and a few others😋
    Also, can I suggest you make 'playlists' according to make?
    I'm Finding your content very helpful, knowledgeable, unbiased, factual, well presented. Thanks!

  • Does the Oticon cros only transmit to the good ear or does it also transmit to the damaged ear? Is it possible for a hearing aid to convert a low tone to a high tone which I can hear in my damaged ear? Very detailed video. Thank you.

  • Thank you for a very informative video. I am new to HAs and just had my first evaluation and this particular doctor recommended the Oticon More 2 (as that is what my insurance will partially remit for). Accordingly, she told me the Oticon More 1 would be full out of pocket and more than I'm willing to pay at this time. I have moderate hearing lost in one ear and slightly worse in the other. Anyway, my question is about the More 2 as opposed to the More 1. Generally, what I understand is the More 1 is fully automatic and the More 2 step down in features requires a manual adjustment if entering into a different sound environment. Is this the case? Also, I am considering buying only one for my worse ear now and then purchasing the second one maybe in a year should the technology advance even more. Your thoughts on that? Do these Oticon offer firmware upgrades to existing models to keep up with technological improvements? Thanks for any info you are willing to share.

  • I have the first ones out ,love the Bluetooth feature, but it whistles terribly and can't turn them up, apparently this problem was a issue with the first type and has now been resolved ,wish I could get the latest ones as this drives me nuts!