Phonak Audeo B Review: Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist

Phonak Audeo B Review. Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and Founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Arizona, discusses one in every of his favourite listening to aids, the Phonak Audeo B90-312 and 312T.

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There are Six totally different Audeo B Receiver in Canal Listening to Aids at the moment supplied by Phonak:

Phonak Audeo B Review

Audeo B – Direct
Audeo B – Rechargeable
Audeo B – 10
Audeo B – 312
Audeo B – 312 T
Audeo B – 13

In my view, Phonak makes a number of the highest high quality listening to aids available on the market. All of them are nice listening to aids, but when I used to be stranded on a abandoned island, I would decide the Audeo B – 312. The Audeo B 312 will get it’s title as a result of it makes use of a dimension 312 battery.
It is available in 4 totally different efficiency ranges, Highest is the 90 – 70 – 50 – 30. The higher the expertise degree, the higher the listening to assist will perform in noise, the extra computerized it’s, and the extra customizable it’s.

Why do I like these gadgets a lot?
1. The Audeo B-312 AutoSense function is superb. It will possibly change via 7 totally different packages routinely. It’s really higher at figuring out this system setting than a Human. You can even add as much as 5 further guide packages.
2. The superior options for these packages are extremely customizable.
3. It has entry to all of Phonaks nice wi-fi equipment, together with the Roger Pen!
4. It has entry to the Greatest CROS transmitter within the trade in case you have Single Sided Deafness.
5. The Audeo B 312 additionally has a Telecoil choice
6. They simply work. I typically say that I like Phonak merchandise a lot as a result of they only flat out work each single time. They will deal with anyplace from a Delicate to Extreme listening to loss. They’re additionally extraordinarily sturdy, which IMO is a very powerful issue when ranking HAs. They will match Listening to Loss prescriptive targets higher than every other model I match.

There may be, nevertheless, one factor I feel would make the Audeo B 312 good, and that’s if it will join immediately with iPhone. If you wish to stream telephone calls, you both want to make use of a streamer accent just like the ComPilot or Compilot Air, or change to the Audeo B-Direct which connects with any telephone, however solely streams telephone calls to 1 ear.

In any other case, the Audeo B 312 checks all of the containers in the case of an awesome listening to assist!


25 thoughts on “Phonak Audeo B Review: Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist”

  1. How are the Phonak B90-With rechargeable, compared to Audeo M 90 312 hearing aids, are they both Bluetooth and work with apple iphone? I am thinking the B90 may be an older model than what I already have, but I'm not sure. I have the M 90 I bought from an induvial, and when I bought them, I could hear good from them, but I been having some problems with them lately. I replaced the receivers but it didnt seem to help, and I was thinking about buying the Phonak B90s from someone and having those set up to my hearing. But if they are older than what I have, I wouldn't want to buy them. Thanks for any help, Ron

  2. Hah! I had the Audeo B 312 and it was great until I lost one and the other got water damaged out of warranty. But you know what, FWIW, the B-312 is a great all around hearing aid, despite me only having the 50 version of it. 🙂

  3. Hey Doc, will the B90 312, Bluetooth to your iPhone? Your talking about the B90 312.. which uses a Battery……. what do you think about the B90 Re-Chargable version? Appreciate your time. THX

  4. Got a single one today in chestnut for my first hearing aid and loving it so far! Only issue is soreness but that might be me not being used to them yet

  5. the problem is not to be able to change the program yourself at home with your computer since if the pro does some change you may think it si fine on site but few days later you are not happy on one aspect and need to go back to the pro and so on…I have an audeoQ70 312T. I need to change it but not sure what to get. i never saw a telcoil sign any where

  6. I have SSD in right ear since birth. I haven't had hearing aids since I was a kid because as an adult I haven't been able to afford them. Now my job is offering hearing aid coverage as part of our health insurance. The benefit will pay $1500 per ear. I see you recommend the phonak CROS for SSD. I think I might like the Audeo 70 or 90. (Very social person so lots of social situations) Do you think it's possible to get one of those choices at that price point even if I have to pay up to $500 out of pocket? I love watching your videos, so much information and so helpful.

  7. Dr. Cliff, i have been using Audeo B90 312 Devices for almost a year. But i am not fully satisfied with output of it. I am not sure if this is something to do with the setting. I have a slopping hearing loss ( my low frequencies are better and have severe to profound loss in high frequency. Earlier i was using various domes ( power / Closed ) but was not fully satisfied. due to occlusion effect or sometime rubber tip comes out of ear canal. Speech was not very Clear.

    Hence my audiologist recommended me to go with SlimTip with a small vent [ 1mm]. i have recently received my Slimtip but i again it have still some of the issues.

    1. Problem of occlusion in LEFT ear now [ even after the Vent ]

    2.] During Calls with speaker phone ON, i find it really difficult to understand due to screeching sound from hearing Aid.
    I Feel its bit too much amplified or something Which I am not able to explain
    3.] in sound proof conference room, find the speech sound too low to understand

    4.] Similarly in the rooms with background noise, i can hear back-ground noises louder than speech noise.

    I am really frustated and i am not really sure whether phonak B90 312 is good enough for my hearing loss.. I am not sure
    what is wrong here and how to get this corrected ?

    How is the Sound Recover feature in the hearing Aid ?

    with this many frustations in place, another audiologist recommended me to try oticon OPN as it is good for speech in noises. I am confused after shelling out on expensive hearing aid , should i go and purchase OTICON opn ?

    i would really appreciate your advice.

  8. Dr. Cliff, I have had two Phonak Audeo B90 312 hearing aids since
    July 2, 2018 and am mostly satisfied. One problem is there is significant high
    frequency distortion in the right ear, in which I have severe hearing loss. I
    went back to the VA today but the audiologist was not able to remedy the
    situation although she made several adjustments. Could the hearing aid be
    defective, or is this a product of my hearing loss which includes tinnitus in
    that ear. Your suggestions on how to proceed will be appreciated.

  9. Sir: I bought a pair of completely in-the-ear digital hearing aids in 2002, and they made a significant improvement in my ability to hear and communicate in the office. A few years later, I retired and became lax in wearing the hearing aids and finally quit wearing them all together. It seemed like the batteries were always needing replacement, and when I held a telephone to my ear just right, the phone would come into contact with the hearing aid button that changed the audio programs, or I would encounter feedback. Small annoyances, but annoyances just the same. Now that I have turned 70 and a lot of my friends have hearing aids, I have decided to see what is out there that will help my situation without severely impacting my life style. I just wanted you to know that I have watched a number of your YouTube videos as a subscriber and am very appreciative of the information that you are making available to the public. It is quite obvious that technology has advanced logarithmically in the last fifteen years or so. When I soon visit my audiologist and discuss hearing aids options, I should be much better informed and equipped to make a "sound" decision. Thank you for providing useful, relevant information to the uninformed multitudes. Good job, sir!

  10. Dr. Cliff, can you do a video on earmolds? Myself(30 year old lifetime HA user), I'm currently using rubber domes but they irritate my ears and I'm waiting on custom soft slim tips. In the past, I've worn acrylic skeleton lock molds but those gave me sore ears despite repeated adjustments. My audi didn't think the cshell was worth getting as they would not be as interchangeable as the slim tips.

  11. Just want to say "Thank you"! Came across your channel when I was looking for info on the Nuheara devices, became an informed consumer from your channel and after an exam with a local audiologist we settled on a set of B90 Direct as a good match for my mild high-frequency hearing loss. They're on order and I'm scheduled for my fitting in 2 weeks.


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