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Hearing Aid Warranties and Loss & Damage Insurance Coverage

Listening to Support Warranties and Loss & Harm Insurance coverage Protection. Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, discusses the issues you want to learn about Listening to Support Warranties and Loss & Harm Insurance coverage that include your listening to support buy.

ESCO Prolonged Guarantee Web site:

Listening to Aids sometimes include a 1, 2, or 3 yr Guarantee to cowl repairs of your listening to aids, and a 1, 2, or 3 yr Loss & Harm Insurance coverage protection simply in case you lose your listening to aids or injury them past restore.

Restore Warranties sometimes cowl nearly something you do to your listening to aids if they are often moderately fastened. This consists of water and moisture injury, in addition to routine substitute of listening to support receiver wires. There are not any deductibles for this sort of work, however there could also be service charges out of your listening to care supplier. Warranties can sometimes be prolonged yr by yr as much as 6 years usually. Past that, you’ll have to buy third celebration insurance coverage from firms like Ear Service Firm (ESCO), which can offer you an prolonged Guarantee and Loss & Harm Insurance coverage protection.

Loss & Harm Insurance coverage protection sometimes mirrors the time period of the Guarantee, however not at all times. That is to cowl accidents that lead to shedding your listening to aids, or damaging them past the purpose that they are often repaired. In the event you do lose or injury a listening to support past restore, there’s a deductible that it’s essential to pay with a purpose to obtain a brand new listening to support from the producer. That is sometimes a number of hundred {dollars}. You may solely use Loss & Harm insurance coverage one time per listening to support. So for those who lose the identical listening to support twice, you will want to buy a brand new listening to support the second time.

The Guarantee and Loss & Harm protection is an settlement between You together with your listening to aids, and the Listening to Support Producer. You’ve gotten proper to make use of this protection so your listening to care supplier can’t ethically withhold your Guarantee and Loss and Harm protection from you.


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  • Reposted with a few edits. Hopefully this video on Hearing Aid Warranties and Loss & Damage Insurance is easy to understand!

  • Had a cochlear implant with Nucleus 7 in my right ear, they gave me a second one so no loss coverage but I have a spare in case one fail while they fix it.

  • Excellent presentation. I'd also recommend that hearing aid users consider getting loss and damage coverage through their homeowners or renters insurance rather than doing an extended warranty through a manufacturer or ESCO. It's significantly more cost effective, usually around $50 per $1,000 replacement cost and typically with no deductible since its a rider on the regular policy. By comparison, extensions through manufacturers are usually $200 per aid and have deductibles for incidents at around $300 per aid. So to get coverage through a homeowner's policy on a $6,000 pair is around $300 with no deductible, as compared to $400 through a manufacturer or ESCO with a $600 deductible (for two aids). In addition, the insurance company usually cuts a check for the replacement cost, and since this is usually a few years after the purchase since you'd do this after the original warranty expires, the user is often getting newer technology as well.
    Insurance and warranties in general are a gamble in any situation. If you purchase it, you're gambling that something is likely to happen. If you don't, you're gambling that it won't. You just have to make your bet and roll the dice. Proper care and storage of the hearing aids can significantly reduce the chance of a problem happening, but there's never a guarantee. It's why I have life and disability insurance -- because not having it and having an incident happen is scarier to me than having it and never needing it.

  • Very helpful. I was relieved to find I had a warranty when I lost one due to masks on/off and it was quickly replaced (Costco). I need to talk to my homeowners insurance people.

  • Dr Cliff, I bought a virto b titanium in January 2020, and some time later the virto m were released, and I recently found out. I was not given that information at the purchase. Do you think it is possible that phonak replace the v for the m?

  • Doc Cliff, can I ask what mic are you using in recording your videos? It is very clear lol. Thanks for all your videos

  • I have 55db hearing loss which one is better for me PHONAK VIRTO B TITANIUM (vs) SIGNIA SILK NX please reply