How long does it take TMJ to heal?

How long does it take TMJ to heal?

How long does it take TMJ to heal? Dr. Jay Hobbs is a Chiropractic Neurologist in the Central Valley of California. He is founder of Tinnitus Synergy. What we’ve seen in our office is that there are hundreds of symptoms related to TMJ. Some of them are painful and some of them are not. What we have found out in treating our TMJ patients is that sometimes there’s permanent damage to the TMJ which causes clicking or popping and things like that.

Here in our office, we’re focused on getting the bite in a better position. When we get it in a better position, the muscles are in a more relaxed state. And when they’re in a relaxed state, you have less muscle pain and headaches.

90% of headaches

And we know from studies that 90% of headaches come from muscle fatigue. So if we can get the muscles calm and the bite in a stable position, then a lot of these symptoms kind of go away. Now, the true question is, is that if we can get you comfortable, and you’re not having painful symptoms, and you might have an occasional click or pop that it doesn’t affect you, will that benefit you? That’s the question that you have to ask yourself. But some things can’t be permanently cured if there’s already damage to the bone or to the joint.

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