Does carotid atherosclerosis cause tinnitus?

Does carotid atherosclerosis cause tinnitus? I’m still pretty young(22M) and I’m having to battle with tinnitus in my left ear. I don’t have it in my right ear since I’ve been pretty much deaf in that ear for as long as I can remember. I woke up one day and I suddenly had it,I thought it was wax so I went for wax removal,chunks of wax was removed from my ear but it didn’t stop. Sometime before I got my tinnitus,I ate lots of unhealthy stuffs(noodles and canned sardines,ham burgers and chips,pizzas and chicken nuggets) all of this with barely an exercise. I added no weight as a result of this but I developed pains in my neck,arms,vertigo,tinnitus and occasional split second headaches.

I went for a CT scan and an ultrasound and my neurologist diagnosed carotid stenosis. Prescribed a drug for carotid artery inflammation,cerebro vascular insufficiency and a drug for Ménière’s disease. Took drugs for a month and symptoms subsided but no change with tinnitus. This is the second month and my medication got switched to another medication for cerebro vascular insufficiency and another for Ménière’s disease. Pains subsided to way lesser degree but my tinnitus seem to be fighting through the standing fan I use as a coping mechanism for sleep. This is beginning to get depressing for me because I don’t know if I’ll ever get rid of my tinnitus even if I get rid of my ailment.

I also exercise 5 times a week by jogging and walking for 35 minutes. Should I maybe increase this to 40 minutes or 1hr? Any useful information will be appreciated. I don’t smoke or drink and I have since stopped the unhealthy food.

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Does carotid atherosclerosis cause tinnitus?

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