Medicare Hearing Aid Benefits: Online Hearing Tests

Medicare Hearing Aid Benefits

Medicare Hearing Aid Benefits. Steve Eagon joins Dr. Ben Thompson to discuss online hearing tests and Medicare hearing aid benefits. Unfortunately, Medicare does not currently offer hearing test cover.

Thank you for visiting Medicare on video. I’m Keith Armbrecht founder of Medicare on video, and I help people across the country make the right Medicare choices, and I can absolutely help you as well one of the great things about what I do is there’s, no cost To you to allow me to help you, so I certainly hope you’ll.

Take advantage of everything that I have to offer. We’ll, make sure we get all your pieces in the right places right now. I’m. Going talk about Medicare hearing plans, how does medicare cover hearing and it’s – important to understand this, because there are some major gaps that you’ll need to understand going forward and obviously, if there’s, any questions after The video feel free to send me an email.

Give me a call. I’m happy to help with any of it, and now we’re going to talk about hearing and we’re gonna try and get it done in less than three minutes. So let’s. Go ahead and get started so when we’re talking about how medicare covers hearing it’s a little limited and that’s.

The important part to understand Original Medicare has very limited coverage for things like hearing aids or hearing tests, things of that nature. It basically would only cover things that would be medically necessary, so something that might be involved as part of an accident or scenarios like that.

Typical health insurance

So it’s like typical health insurance. There is generally very limited coverage for something like a hearing aid, so doesn’t cover fittings or aides or exams. Things of that nature so important to understand there are some coverages under Medicare Advantage plans, but those coverages can also be limited, and it’s, important that you look closely at what they have to offer.

They may absolutely market the fact that they cover hearing and they cover dental and things of that nature, but a lot of times it’s very basic coverage, so it’s. It’s, certainly important to look closely at what exactly they may have to offer.

So Medicare supplement plans, on the other hand, are pretty much following what medicare covers. So there’s. No real additional coverage under a medicare supplement plan to cover things like fittings or hearing aids or things of that nature.

So what what do you do? And there are standalone dental vision and hearing plans? They’re, actually very good. They’re there, they cover quite a bit and they are separate from Original Medicare separate from a supplement and they are like as a standalone.

Hearing and vision

So it’s, pretty much a dental plan that also includes hearing and vision, and they can offer some pretty good options. So it’s, something to certainly look into it and ansel that we can help you with that.

Show you exactly what’s involved and how it functions so with Medicare. If you don’t have hearing coverage, a general hearing test runs about $ 250 and then a hearing aid. You know it seems like we’re.

Moving a little better these days, but it’s kind of complicated when shopping for a hearing, aid can be as little as $ 100 or as much as six thousand dollars depending upon what level you need or what level you want to have.

So it’s, certainly an important thing to understand and again, if you need help with it, I’m happy to answer any questions. Send me an email. Send me a give me a call, and I’ll. Do what I can to answer any questions? So hopefully we did good on the time here and I hope you found this helpful have a fantastic day.

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