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Kirkland Hearing Aids 10.0 Review | Physician Cliff Olson


Kirkland Hearing Aids 10.0 Review

Kirkland Hearing Aids 10.0 Review. Costco Listening to Support Middle Evaluation. Secret Purchasing Kirkland Signature 10.0 hearing Aids. Physician Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, sends his Assistant to a Native Costco Listening to Middle as a Secret Shopper to judge simply how good Costco Listening to Care Suppliers are at Treating Listening to Loss with their Costco Signature 10.0 Listening to Aids.

Costco Kirkland Signature 10.0 Listening to Support Evaluation: COMING SOON!

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  • My experience with initial contact with Costco hearing was dismal. The person who took my call was so focused on her interview script that she was not actually listening to my responses. She was distracted by numerous interruptions from co-workers and incoming calls. I have watched your review of Costco hearing aides and I was seriously considering that. But that one phone experience with that person ended any confidence I might have had with Costco hearing. I have since made appointments with a well respected and experienced hearing aide business. Yes, I will pay more but I have much faith in this business. Every Costco Hearing shop is different and certainly the Modesto Costco Hearing phone contact is well below satisfactory.

  • I cant hear out of Costco hearing aids as they arent strong enough. I have a cookie cut hearing loss thats serve to profound and eventhough the price is way better I just cant hear out of them. Also when I got my test done I had none of the things I usually do Speech and sound testing (for background sounds) I need something that will allow me to work and hear the hearing world.

  • I LOVE Costco for all sorts of things! Just not hearing aids. You get what you pay for. Sadly, many think saving $$$ when it comes to hearing aids is a good thing.

  • Hearing aids are a personal thing and take a while to get used to them and by that time your audiologist will want you to upgrade after 6 years. Stick with what you have got if you are happy with your hearing aids. If you do change, it will be back to the starting line again. Keep
    your hearing aids away from water, even though they say they are waterproof.

  • Excellent to the process and the problems of getting proper fitted. One very important point is the variability based on location (professional care) and equipment. I was fitted in a Southern California Costco of their top of the line KS 10-T. As a hearing aid technician not a Dr of Audiology, there is a script they follow is the key. Most of the bad marks failures Cliff mentioned did NOT happen with me. I had the benefit of this video, your info sheet on Best Practices and experience with being fitted with premium HAs before. I also had my previous audiograms to compare. Maybe Costco corporate updated their script after this review. Virtually all Best Practices were hit. So far, so good. And the compromise is a pretty attractive package. The KS 10.0 made an amazing result.

  • Dr Cliff, you gave a fair assessment about the one experience with the local Costco store. You have excellent professional knowledge and putting your patients first. Myself as a consumer, $6000 to $8000 for a set of hearing aides in the private setting is not possible. So I became a Costco customer.

  • Not my experience with Costco. Following the test at Costco, it was recommended I see a Physician. Not trusting the Costco hearing test, he performed another hearing test in his office with exactly the same results. It sounds like the issue here is not Costco per se, but the individual doing the screening.

  • I have nothing but positive things to say about Costco. The provider really loves what he is doing and wants his clients to have a good experience with their hearing instruments. No question I had was silly and I had many. This Costco is in Maryland and I sent two of my friends there and they were quite happy. A full thumbs up for Costco.

  • I went to an audiologist my doctor referred me to. I had a full exam, I took the results to Costco here in Maryland. The provider studied my test results and then went from there … he also was wearing the Kirkland Signature hearing aid and knew everything about the instrument, but showed me the other brands. He worked and listened to all my questions and concerns and I was in there for more than 45 min. I did go back two weeks later to see how I was doing with them. It has been 3 months and I go back next month for another follow-up. This provider loves what he does and is very anxious he do the best job for me. The only problem was how busy he was and getting an appt., is hard, he is so backup. I love my Kirkland hearing aids and feel like I am in a whole new world when I put them in every morning.