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Hearing Aid Review – my experience

So at 39 years outdated I received listening to aids!!! And they’re superior!!!

Hear me speak about my determination to get listening to aids to assist handle my tinnitus and readability in listening to dialog and the various surprising advantages that I’ve discovered from having listening to aids.

That is my first each vlog so be light 😀

My listening to help make an mannequin: Oticon Synergy
I’ve the smaller mannequin which has a small plastic tube spherical into my ear. I even have an open cup to the half that goes in my ear, it’s because I can hear many frequencies, it is largely the excessive finish that I’ve some loss in.

Charlotte’s movies that led to me getting listening to aids:


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  • Hello sir it’s Jon thanks for sharing your awesome story
    You inspire me today I’m in the process of getting hearing aids soon I don’t feel better about it now thanks for your sorry 😐

  • I have trouble understanding people when there far away but when I’m talking to someone up close I can understand them fine. I also have a lot of trouble understanding what is being said on the tv. Did a hearing aid help you hear better? I think I have high frequency hearing loss. Did it also help you understand the tv. I also struggle to understand people on speaker phone.

  • Glad I came across this video 🖤 looking into hearing aids I developed T when I was 14 and I did ok all these years I’m 32 now this year I had an MRA and idk what happened but it developed horrible T on my left ear that was my good ear and like you said o want to do something about it! I’m excited I have really good insurance

  • Yea I developed tinnitus when I was 28. I’ll never forget the day the ringing never went away. 😥 now I have two pairs of hearing aids

  • Mike, thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences. We seem to have trodden a similar hearing path except I have my first fitting for aids this afternoon. Very encouraging....the tinnitus, the headphones for music production, the filtering of the sounds and more, that you want to hear, all adding up to a far better quality of life for you. I will be approaching this afternoon’s appointment more positively now after listening to you and look forward to having the week of acclimatisation behind me. Very pleased for you. Best wishes, Jim

  • Thank you for sharing, Matt. I’m 55 and need hearing aids and it’s great to see how well this has gone and how discrete they sit behind the ear. Your video really helped me get over my concerns (visibility, wearing glasses etc). Thanks again!

  • Thanks for posting. It's surprising how many folks our age have hearing loss and tinnitus. Your video gave me the confidence to try hearing aids on the NHS. I'm currently enjoying hearing better and have a bit of white noise for good measure. They've made enough of a difference for me not to want to take them out, despite my reluctance. I'm not sure I'd be as brave as you to post here, but thanks for this vid.

  • Thank you for sharing this information Mike, my wife needs aids but Boots did the hearing test and they said that they recommend hearing aids that cost £1500 for each ear and that is out of the question for us, we are pensioners. What was the cost that you had to pay the NHS, those that you have will be the ones that she would choose but only if we can afford them.