What is the Most Successful Treatment for Tinnitus? Try Dr. Berg’s Advise

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What is the Most Successful Treatment for Tinnitus?

. . Here is how you can cease tinnitus. Test this out.

Additionally try my different video on tinnitus, particularly if this system does not work (as there are different causes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYrixP8w9y0

0:00 Tinnitus
0:05 Finger drumming approach
1:25 Learn how to do away with tinnitus

On this video, we will discuss how you can assist cease tinnitus. Tinnitus is ringing within the ears. I will share with you a novel approach to assist do away with tinnitus naturally.

This system was developed by Dr. Jan Strydom. Nonetheless, I did alter the approach barely. The approach includes stimulation of the eighth cranial nerve. That is the nerve that impacts listening to. If there’s an issue with this nerve, it might trigger ringing. With this system, we will be engaged on the again of the cranium that matches the cranial nerve on the degree of the mind stem the place the nerve comes out.

This finger drumming approach might assist to desensitize ringing within the ears by way of making a rhythmic finger drumming immediately over the occipital ridge on the degree of the mind stem.

Learn how to assist do away with tinnitus:
Step 1: Charge the severity of the noise 1-10 (1 being no ringing and 10 being extreme)
Step 2: Do that approach 20 occasions
Step 3: Re-rate the severity and repeat approach

Proceed this system each day till resolved.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you higher perceive how you can cease tinnitus.


21 thoughts on “What is the Most Successful Treatment for Tinnitus? Try Dr. Berg’s Advise”

  1. Thanks, Doc Berg, I do a lot of tapping as I'm a therapist but I did this technique but sadly it didn't make a bit of difference. I repeated this many times more to see if it would help. A great principle and I am sure it helps lots of people. There are different causes of tinnitus as you know and the bladder or gall bladder meridian can be the causation. Nothing wrong but it can be out of sorts. I think it's my gallbladder causing my ringing as it's very related to ears and ear noises. So digestion may likely be another causation and a different way to look at this. Loved your presentation and your care in explaining the technique. Very kind. It made me think about looking at tapping for the gallbladder/bladder meridian. Thanks for this

  2. OMG! This worked! I want to cry! My tinnitus was at a 3 and I noticed after doing this only time it went down and then I did it again it went down, now it's just a very faint crackling sound. Thank you!

    I came across one of your videos a couple of days ago and was so impressed I subscribed. This is the 4th video I have watched. I really appreciate all of the information you provide in the description, it is so helpful. Thanks again, many blessings to you! 😊

  3. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I have had tinnitus for years and years. I've been reading through comments for years… IT WILL NEVER STOP…YOU'LL ALWAYS HEAR THAT NOISE…
    I never heard of anyone who's tinnitus just stopped. Ever.

  4. I have had tinnitus for 30 years! When I suddenly went deaf after a viral infection., They said it was nerve deafness. My tinnitus started after this. It was so bad it hurt. It has calmed somewhat over the years so it is no longer painful,. but it is my constant nuisance! I would say an 8 or 9. I was uncertain whether this technique would help me but thought what can it hurt to try. It worked!!!!!!!!!!!! I went from an 9 to a 1 on the first try . I am crying and laughing with joy. No kidding thank you !!!! You have saved my sanity. I may be able to sleep at night with out noise from the tv or a loud white noise to drown out the crazy ringing in my ears!!!!


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