Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH)

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  • Hello sir can hypoplasia in proximal segment of transverse dural venous sinus ( right side) can cause IIH?

  • can you do a video explaining how obesity causes the increased ICP and why it appears more often in obese females than obese males? I'm just curious what is different between the sexes. I thought birth control was the difference but in your secondary IIH video you said the birth control itself isn't really the issue it's the thrombosis.

  • It’s more like if you don’t have paps so you are shit out of luck so we will dump you into the remission mission box even though your opening pressure is 36 but we will not place a shunt even though it helped the headaches and your ability to function.I used to have papillodema but now I’m in the limbo zone.

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  • I have a Pineocytoma and they think, neuro and opthomoligist think its related. Which then I guess its classed as secondary IH.

  • Is there any link between acne and iih whenever my pressure raises I find that I get significantly worse acne all over my body and haven’t found any way to combat this