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How tinnitus can sound to a sufferer

Tinnitus is characterised by sounds which can be described as a continuing whistling, ringing, pulsing or buzzing both within the head or within the ear(s). This audio file performs a illustration of how this will sound to a tinnitus sufferer.


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  • My husband's had tendonitis ever since January the 1st 2022 , I don't know what it sounds like but it's literally has drove him mad. To the point that he's afraid he's going to die and he's poppen Sudafed like crazy. He finally ate a whole can of tamales he didn't realize he was starving, you can tell by his skin he's dehydrated he can't seem to drink enough fluid. Told him if he killed himself,
    I would slap him back to life!
    Oh! I'm not going to be a widow because I'm not mowing the yard.