Adult Cochlear Implant | Carol's Story

After turning into withdrawn as a consequence of shedding her listening to later in life, Carol had cochlear implant surgical procedure by Dr. Frank Lin with the Johns Hopkins Cochlear Implant Heart. Watch how Carol’s life has been reworked.


8 thoughts on “Adult Cochlear Implant | Carol's Story”

  1. I'm really scared and I'm really nervous because I'm going to get my Cochlear implant on January 14th and I'm totally deaf in my left ear and I'm losing all my hearing in my right ear and I'm qualify to get my cochlear implant surgery on January 14th and I'm only 46 years old

  2. I just found out Medicaid now cover this for adults. I was suppose have this done as child but my dads insurance said no was experimental at time. I waited 30 years for another chance. Tears streaming down my face. I deaf in my left ear. And have some hearing loss in my right


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