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Cochlear Implantation, Start to Finish

This video takes a affected person with extreme listening to loss on one facet, and profound listening to loss on the opposite by the method of a cochlear implant, earlier than, throughout and after surgical procedure.

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  • Does it change the sound of someone’s voice you are used to hearing? I guess I’ve heard it makes it sound mechanical. Is this true?
    I’m falling out of the moderate-severe hearing loss range into the severe range.

  • My son had his implant surgery inTbilisi, Georgia in 2012 year and we are from Azerbaijan. Now he is 10 years old, he goes to 4th class. Everything is Ok. And I thanks to all doctors who helped my child.

  • I think the worst part is that cup over your ear and may be the first night sleeping,I only took 1 oxycodone but after 4 days everything is back to normal. Oh dont forget to open your mouth if you blow your nose LOL.Waiting for activation next week.

  • Is it just me? She didn't seem very happy when they turned it on. I would love to know how she's doing today?

  • I’ve had mine since I was two. It works well and I am doing well. Sometimes when I go into public no one even realizes I’m deaf until I tell them. Haha.

  • Please address of cochlear implant hospital, how much does it cost, and email and telephone of the hospital