Can Tinnitus Be Caused By Earwax? Highly Likely

Can Tinnitus Be Caused By Earwax?

Can Tinnitus Be Caused By Earwax? My name is Dr. JC Hodge I’m an ENT specialist from South Australia, and the founder of tinnitus earwax is it actually quite a common cause of tinnitus and the mechanism is the same as anything that blocks the ear tinnitus is an internal sound that is generated that is subjective and that no one else can hear.

it’s often worse at night time from patients complaining this all the time and don’t understand it and it’s because at night-time your environmental sound goes down so you can hear tinnitus louder and that’s the mechanism by which max makes your tinnitus worse because you put your fingers in your ear we have something that blocks the transmission of sound through to the inner ear then you hear your internal noises louder so put your fingers in your ear you hear yourself chewing you hear your heartbeat and in tinnitus often gets worse people who don’t have tinnitus sometimes it triggers it.

I don’t understand the mechanism for this sometimes it’s a little bit of wax sitting on the drum and they’re the most grateful patients because they come in you take the history you go through all these sort of long complex things but occasions and causes and look in the ear drum wax including it and you take it out and more often than not you know they get a good result from that even occasionally due to the shape of the drum and anglich forms for the front wall of the ear canal if wax sits in there it can really affect the movement of the drum but I kinda pencil in the hinge of the door the Pens are not very big but it’ll restock that door closing really opens it quite a bit called the hinge effect and if you take out that bit of wax you can often get quite a dramatic improvement or cessation the tinnitus which is remarkable my name is Dr. JC Hodge if you want more information go to our website

Blockage Of Outer Ear

A cerumen impaction is a blockage of the outer ear that prevents the sound from getting through or prevents visualization of the deeper structures of the ear canal in the eardrum or prevent hearing technology such as a hearing aid for from functioning appropriately.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a cerumen impaction, we recommend you get it resolved if it is causing you a problem. People oftentimes ask after having their ear cleaned under microscope, which is how we resolve those cerumen impactions, what should they do to clean their ear? The answer is you should do nothing.

The wax in your ear is natural and good. It protects the ear canal skin by creating a protective barrier from bacteria and it will migrate out on its own. So we recommend that you do not stick anything in your ear.

There is an old wive’s saying “do not stick anything smaller than your elbow in your ear” and we find that to be true as well. Interestingly, if you look on the back of a q-tip box, it actually says do not stick them in your ear so we strongly recommend you do not do that either.

If you have problems with wax or cerumen management or repeat cerumen impactions or are concerned about wax management, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can get more information at our website

I think my tinnitus is caused by build up of earwax since I can hear perfectly fine, I’ve had it for almost 46 hours now… and it started after having my airpods in for a while. I heard that using airpods for long periods can cause build up of ear wax..

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