Tinnitus Habituation Tips: Living Life Normally Again

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Hi guys welcome to my YouTube channel Today’s. Video is about Tinnitus Habituation tips, how to live with Tinnitus, but before I get into the video. This is how you can share and subscribe to my channel. It takes just 2 seconds. Use the icon in the right hand, corner.

. You can also follow our instagram In the right hand, corner above in the header there’s. A link. Don’t forget to share tag your friends below on any ideas or advice on this video Okay.. So let’s, get the video underway.

. Now I’m, so so sorry about how my voice sounds that different, because I’m ill, but I want to get a video done for you guys. So those of you who don’t know what Tinnitus is.. Basically, It is ringing in your ears.

There’s noise. There’s ringing there’s. Alarms there’s ringing in your ear.. Only you can hear it.. Basically, I think it’s very common. In deaf people and hard of hearing people – and it happens usually in the change of environment going from loud noises to quiet.

Instantly, it can kick off. Going from the opposite as well. If I take my hearing aid off, it starts instantly, so other factors can also trigger it, such as stress.. I have had Tinnitus for as long as I can remember really, but it’s, never been that bad.

. I can usually get rid of it in 2 to 3 to 4 minutes and then it’s gone for a good couple of days. For the past couple of months, or so I have had it pretty much 24/7. I have it right now.. I’s really hard to deal with.

Out of options on how to control it

You run out of options on how to control it, how to deal with it. And it kind of set’s. You back a bit and it kind of does make you go absolutely insane. So as far as I’m aware, there is absolutely no cure for Tinnitus.

. There is absolutely nothing you can do, except the basics which is relax.. Relax does seem to help relax every single muscle in your body Just lay down and relax, and I am usually in complete silence and when I am being in complete silence.

Usually that helps me and number 2 is on YouTube, where you can usually get music. That is specifically for Tinnitus.. The music is a similar sound to the Tinnitus and it kind of tries to neutralize it with the Tinnitus.

. Let’s, say calm down, so that it eventually goes, but no longer helps me either. So for me, it’s, really really difficult to get a moment where I don’t have Tinnitus anymore, because as soon as I take my hearing, aid off it starts and it won’t stop until I put it Back on, which is really difficult for when say I’m in the shower, and I have got all things ringing, beeping and screaming in my ear and I don’t know if the fire alarm is going off.

, I don’t know if someone is ringing, my phone, I don’t know. If anyone is shouting me and also being able to sleep., I cannot fall a sleep easily as I used to because of constant ringing.. If I wake up during the night click it starts.

It’s really hard to get back to sleep. It just starts. It’s. 24/7 ringing. It drives you insane., Like doctors, will advise you tp relax to listen to the music, because there’s, not a cure.. There’s, no tablet that they can give you that’s, going to get rid of it for you.

There’s, no procedure no operation. No, there is just nothing else. They can really do for you.. So you just have to deal with it., so my doctor has advised me to go on anti- depressants because it can drive you to the point of insanity.

It can literally drive you insane

It can literally drive you insane and honestly the truth. True, I’ve gone back, hitting myself in the head.. I’ve gone back to pulling my hair out, because I can’t deal with tinnitus 24/7.. I don’t want to be like that for a month or two.

. So really it’s, a sudden change in Tinnitus for me.. So here is my advice for you guys who suffer from Tinnitus. Try. Relaxing. Relaxing did always used to help me and no matter what and without fail it did always help me.

You have to relax. Not by reading a book relax, not watching TV relaxing. You have to be in complete silence, lying down and relax. Steep abhi and subbu. Just faked real, You could be in a swimming pool, just floating Relax, so that will be advice, number 1, which is just to relax try.

Good number 2, the music on YouTube.. You can get music on YouTube. That will help you, and now it does the music to make the sound like it’s, just real screaming music, like the noise that’s already in my ear.

, I don’t need more, but the music did actually Used to help me So you can try some music or, if you don’t like this sound or how it feels. Maybe listen to other music that you guys like because again, noise kind of having a background noise or a noise in general will help lower or just end Tinnitus for a couple of hours or until you want to go asleep.

So that will be really good too.. If anyone has any more advice on how to deal with Tinnitus without going on anti-depressants without hurting yourself or getting frustrated, don’t forget to comment below on your best tips and advice.

I’m a 23 M that developed tinnitus

Hey guys I’m a 23 M that developed tinnitus early in quarantine late March last year. Over the first few months I really felt like my life was over. I felt that I could never study/concentrate at the same capacity I once did. I felt that I would never get adequate sleep again. I felt particularly heartbroken that I was distracted watching my favorite movies and listening to my favorite songs.

I remember watching Spirited Away a year ago and breaking down in tears because I could barely concentrate on the soundtrack over the sound of my tinnitus. But slowly, month by month and week by week, I started to notice the ringing less and less. And I think the biggest obstacle to habituation was thinking about tinnitus as some kind of disability that you endure for the rest of your life. **I now think of developing tinnitus as moving to a busy city**. Over the first weeks or even months the buzz of the streets might make you lose sleep or concentration, but over time, it’s just a part of life. Spikes are just like a loud day of construction outside your apartment. They’re annoying. You can’t do anything about the visceral sensations you feel, but you can choose to consciously realize that **you will habituate**. Construction goes away. People habituate to the city. Your awareness of that can speed up the process.

I just watched Spirited Away again, and my memory of last viewing made me think about tinnitus again. I hard a sharp spike in the right ear halfway into the movie. It lasted for a few seconds and I was so captivated by the movie that I barely paid any attention to it. You will get your lives back, just take it day by day.

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