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Can Online Hearing Aids be Custom Programmed?

Can On-line Listening to Aids be Customized Programmed? Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, discusses what “Customized Programmed” actually means and if On-line Listening to Aids can really be Customized Programmed and despatched to you within the mail.

Actual Ear Measurement Video:


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  • I’m a recent Lively HA customer and so far it works well. I’ve had one tuning session with a remote adjustment while on line with Lively.
    I live full time in an RV traveling constantly. The stick and brick model could not easily work for me, but the Tele-care does well so far.

  • I first tried Eargo's during the lockdown...they were terrible! I then went to an audiologist who used REM to fit a pair of WIDEX RIC's. The difference is simply stunning. I would never buy hearing aides without taking Dr. Cliff's advice for REM.

  • Dr. Cliff, I learned from you that if they do not perform Real Ear Measurements, then we don't do business. I have had hearing aids done with and without REM, and the difference is real. Thanks!

  • Hi I am from India...
    My mother can't here around from 45 years..her hearing capacity 100 per/ loss her age now 57 years so can u help me for free bcz I don't have money and when I have money I will give u

  • I was looking at the ad for "Lively Hearing Aids" I took the hearing test and I do need Hearing Aids. They will take my readings and programed a set and give 90 day free trial and they said I can reprogram them through my phone as needed for 3 years. Have you heard of these Hearing Aids and do have any experience with them?