BEST Custom Hearing Aids of 2022 | 4 Top Rated In-The-Ear (ITE) Version

The BEST Listening to Aids of 2022 | Customized In-The-Ear (ITE) Model. Physician Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Phoenix Arizona, Critiques the BEST Customized In-The-Ear Listening to Aids in 2022.

BEST Receiver-in-Canal Listening to Aids of 2022 –
What are Greatest Practices? –
Starkey Evolv Ai Listening to Help Assessment –
Singia AX Listening to Help Assessment –
Phonak Virto Marvel Listening to Help Assessment –

0:00 Introduction
2:43 What Are Greatest Practices?
2:53 Greatest Follow Professional Member
3:52 Starkey Evolv Ai Customized Rechargeable Half Shell & Full Shell ITE
6:46 Starkey Evolv Ai Customized Wi-fi CIC
8:14 Signia Insio Pure Cost & Go AX Rechargeable ITE
10:17 Phonak Virto Marvel Black Half Shell & Full Shell

The 4 High Rated Customized In-The-Ear Listening to aids, in some circumstances, are even higher than the High Rated Receiver-in-Canal listening to aids which can be usually thought of the Greatest Listening to Aids within the World.


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  1. I'm trying to settle on a hearing aid and currently have the signia custom half shell. It's just SO big though. While we did a foam mold, it doesn't seem to fit up into my ear very well, and it sticks outside of my ear. It came with a note that they couldn't make it smaller. Do you have any recommendation for how to get a custom one that is as small as possible? Ideally rechargeable so I don't have the guilt of tons of used batteries over time? thanks!

  2. It gets so confusing..
    In Australia, the seniors support group declared
    " Breakthrough Hearing in Noisy Places

    Hi Peter,

    A recent study found the new Signa AX hearing aid helps people with hearing loss hear as well as people without hearing loss in social settings such as a restaurant*.

    Two Sound Processors Split Speech from Environmental Sounds

    Signa AX is the only hearing aid to split the sound into two sound processors. One sound processor focuses on speech, while the other processor controls environmental sounds. The resulting sound provides clearer speech no matter the sound environment.

    Normal Hearing In Noise

    Signia AX was shown to help people with hearing loss hear as well as normal hearing people in a restaurant setting. In the same study it also found some people with hearing loss using Signa AX heard better than people without hearing loss in a social “party” situation*. "
    It seems that most manufacturers are declaring their Aides are the best.

    Thanks for your help.

  3. Just an Fyi. I am trying out Signia Insio c&g. And they are not working. Won't charge. One getting hot to touch. Stop streaming. Hearing aids stay charged for 9 hours if you are streaming!!! These are terrible. And so $$$. !! The other ones Resound needed to be sent back to factory because they wouldn't charge!!! Spend more time perfecting these hearing aids before you present to public PLEASE!!

  4. I use hearing aids with molds as I have a hole in my left eardrum so cannot use the device that goes right in the ear. I find the molds hurt the cartilage in my left ear so much that I have to leave it out of my ear and only use the right hearing aid until my left ear has healed. is there a solution to my problem. thank you.

  5. Hi Dr.Cliff gud day..
    I'm happy to be a member of your group
    I hope you can help .I have profound for both my ear left and right
    I was a swimmer during my younger age .I had otitis meditis when I was in my kinder years
    I didn't know that my right ear was no longer in function bec. My left ear is still stinger to hear
    But it becomes slower when I reach at the age of 55
    I went to the doktor I had my ear wax but the doktor burst up my eardrum that I can no longer hear .
    My hearing now is 6 channels unitron but it's hard for me hear
    Using this .
    I hope u can help me getting another hearing aid for my right ear .I have profound hearing ..thanks

  6. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all new hearing aids. I have a profound hearing loss and I am currently wearing Phonak Naida hearing aids, which have been great but I have been wearing them for now 4 years. I am looking for best new hearing aids as new pair and I would appreciate if you could advise which one would be best, ideally a non BTE hearing aids, I would rather have a thinner tube. I was also wondering of the discreet canal hearing aids would be good too? I checked the lyric one from Phonak but I was advised at the time (4 years ago) that they are not adequate for profound hearing loss. Is it still the case? Thank you for taking the time to respond…

  7. Are you going to talk about the android 12 update and the effect on Bluetooth connectivity as it relates to low energy versus versus Bluetooth classic? I had a prior version of this hearing aid and the connectivity was poor at best. I returned it.

  8. Doc! Can you please let us know…which of these custom ITC aids can connect with bluetooth on an Apple laptop (as opposed to just an iPhone)? Looking to buy one of these or similar, but need ones that pair well with my laptop to stream work Zooms and the like. Really appreciate any insight!

  9. Dr. Cliff, thanks for the great videos. I have reverse slope loss and feel that I need some degree of control in boosting various frequencies to try and find the right combination for me. The typical app bass/treble adjustments are not very helpful. One of your videos showed a screen shot of an app that lets you boost high, mid, low frequencies and learns from your preferences. Which hearing aids offer that? I am hoping to find an in-ear or in-canal since I wear glasses and masks, making behind the ear challenging. Thanks for any help in pointing me the right direction.

  10. I follow your channel faithfully and enjoy all of the information. I think you're doing your listeners a disservice by not fully explaining the difference between Low energy Bluetooth and Bluetooth classic. I think sonova the manufacturer of phonac is one of the few that uses Bluetooth classic. I tried a resound presa helix in the ear hearing aid and it worked great right up until January 13th when android updated my phone to iPhone to the 12 operating system. Suddenly Bluetooth stopped working. These updates are very common on android phones and 3/4 of the phone market is android not iPhone. Resound to thought that Google was going to create a patch to fix the problem only to find out that they weren't and it was going to be a problem for resound. Who knows when they'll get around to that period one we're done upward for them. Consumers left behind. So I spent thousands of dollars on an in the ear hearing aid because of the mask issue only to have it sitting in a desk drawer. One heck of a disappointment. I did try the phonak verto black Before the presa and there were problems with the application on the phone so every time I got a notification it would it would change my settings. That got returned. I also tried the The Livio AI edge 90 and that hearing aid was c***. Bluetooth Connection was horrible. That 1 got returned to too. In my opinion these hearing aids are too expensive to be performing so poorly. Yes I know it's not your grandfather's hearing aid but I'm not my grandfather.

  11. Thank you for all that you provide for the hearing impaired individuals. You mentioned at the beginning of this presentation about the possibilities of in the ear devises that now can accommodate for the severe hearing loss individual. Unless I missed your indication, which of these listed is best fit for the severe hearing loss individual? I ask this as my last set of hearing aid are behind the ear, due to my hearing loss and made by Signia. I am not very pleased with there performance but then my hearing provider (Hear USA) is not one of the "best Practice" care professionals to say the least. I would prefer the in the ear device moving forward but was told that behind the ear is best for my condition.
    Thank you so much for all that you provide… Frank

  12. Just asking here as it's the most recent. Have you done a video on just the Bluetooth capabilities of different hearing aids? Not just the ones with Bluetooth, but how the Bluetooth actually works. In one video that I saw you said that Starkey was the worst for Bluetooth. Going to be a new wearer soon. Thanks.

  13. Thank you so much for your video. I was anxiously expecting.

    I wear ITE Widex hearing aids since 2007. First the Diva, changed to Dream in 2014, and now I must replace them. Unfortunately, up to now, Widex did not come up with bluetooth capable ITE model. Only BTE. I tried them, but I hate to wear BTE, glasses and face mask. Maybe if I still can hold back a few more months, Widex will come up with some news, considering the Moment is from 2020.

    I am living in Brazil and presently Signia is only working with ITE that are two versions older than the AX models.

    I will try to see what I can get from Phonak and Starkey.

    Thanks again for your videos.

  14. I recently had an itchy ear. I discovered that when my. Finger iis n my ears the talk on ou vide is much clearer! I have a pair of Oticon. Open 1. Can I Get custom aids or something else to obtain this improvement. Which seems to be more bass?


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