Nano vs Alibaba Hearing Aids Comparison: High Tech or Cheap?

Nano vs Alibaba Hearing Aids Comparison. Nano Listening to Support vs Alibaba Amplifier Comparability | Excessive Tech Listening to Support or Low-cost Amplifier? Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and Founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Anthem Arizona, compares the Nano Superior Listening to Expertise Listening to Aids with a Low-cost $20 Alibaba Listening to Amplifier.

Nano vs Alibaba Hearing Aids Comparison

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When you’ve ever completed a seek for on-line listening to aids after which gone on Fb, you’ve got possible been bombarded by adverts from an organization known as Nano Listening to Applied sciences.

In accordance with the Nano web site, they manufacture Superior Listening to Aids that “Auto-Regulate” to you listening to loss with out the necessity of a listening to check, they work for “98.7%” of people with listening to loss, and have over 3,000 opinions and not using a single 1 or 2 star evaluate, and all of this for under $400 for a pair of units.

Upon taking a look at these Nano listening to aids, they look like similar to the $18-20 amplifiers offered on Alibaba connects producers of low-cost merchandise from locations like China and India to distributors who sells these merchandise to shoppers.

An unboxing of the Nano Listening to Aids and Alibaba Listening to Aids revealed units that have been 99% an identical apart from the NANO branding and the Chinese language branding. Nonetheless, seems could be deceiving so we determined to objectively check the efficiency of the units to see if there are any variations.

The primary check is the Diagnostic check inside the Otometrics Listening to Instrument Check Field. This enables us to check the listening to units in a really managed surroundings that eliminates nearly each variable of testing. Outcomes of this check confirmed that each units carried out nearly an identical to one another. Not solely did they carry out the identical, however even the quantity management functioned the identical. The quantity on each the NANO and the Alibaba system solely had 2 settings, Most quantity & Minimal quantity. There isn’t a in-between quantity settings with these units.

Subsequent, we examined these units utilizing Actual Ear Measurement utilizing the Otometrics Aurical Probe Microphone Measurement (PMM) tools. This check will allow us to see how these units carry out inside a consumer’s ear. It should additionally inform us if a prescription for a Regular to Average Sensorineural Listening to Loss could be met with these units. Upon testing the amplification, the units carried out nearly an identical. This was not stunning contemplating their related efficiency within the Listening to Instrument Check Field. They have been additionally not capable of meet the consumer’s listening to loss prescription.

Not solely do these units carry out identically, they appear an identical, really feel an identical, and have equally unhealthy sound high quality for my part.

I sometimes attempt to stay as unbiased as attainable, and do not care when you purchase listening to aids from me, one other supplier, Costco, or on-line, so long as you’re making an knowledgeable determination. That being stated, I might not, in good conscience, suggest that anybody even strive a NANO or Alibaba listening to amplifier.


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  1. I get that a top line BMW is going to be a much better experience than an economy Chevrolet. But economy Chevrolet cars have served me well for years and didn't put me into debt. I think what I'm trying to find is comparison of "economy cars" not comparison between an economy car and a BMW… Because we all know the more expensive things are better. But prescription hearing aids with a good provider is the BMW and while it's probably amazing, if you don't have the budget for it, you just don't have the budget for it. No one is going to let their dogs go without premium kibble so they can hear better ( nor should they, in my opinion)

  2. Just checked, 5/19/2022….still no hearing aids in Nano warehouse to be shipped……..Insane! Tracking History
    May 11, 2022, 4:25 pm
    Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item
    LAS VEGAS, NV 89104
    A shipping label has been prepared for your item at 4:25 pm on May 11, 2022 in LAS VEGAS, NV 89104. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date.

  3. The Nano company is full of liars! I bought a set of their hearing aids. They sent me a tracking number, after a week of no movement per shipping I called them. I contacted them only to be told they did not have my hearing aids. It was really a bait and switch, because they sent the tracking number showing only a shipping label had been created. But USPS was still awaiting arrival of said hearing aids. Copied fro my email…Status: Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item May 11, 2022 at 4:25 pm LAS VEGAS, NV 89104. Today is May 18th/2022, USPS is still awaiting the arrival of the hearing aids. Run like hell!

  4. Thank you for posting these videos and it looks like I have a lot of work to do before deciding what to do. Had a hearing test and plan to do another one by a doctor. Until then I have no plans on spending $6K to $8K on hearing aid as expected by one company.

  5. Strange! there is 1.1K thumb down, but I can't see any actual customer comment? ! the company troll must've been very busy. hope he/she been paid well … thanks for the good review. we the public is much appreciated.

  6. Much obliged for your examination Dr Cliff, Your exploration assisted me with settling on my first choice.

    I was in market hoping to buy a portion of these modest items to test with my hearing issues.

    Would you be able to share the Alibaba item interface?, I believe I'm intending to check it out.

  7. Same here as I've read below !! I sure wish you were here in Tennesee, I am disabled and with my insurance coverage – have to drive literally from the bottom of our state ALL the way north to an audiology center and then still only have the actual visit covered!! Absolutely NO coverage for the actual aide….Thank you for your help doc, these videos are excellent and hope your new venture is such a success that you can expand this direction!


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