Widex Hearing Aids Review: Video by Audiologist Emma

Widex Hearing Aids Review

Widex Hearing Aids Review. Widex Second Listening to aids are reviewed on this video by our Audiologist, Emma. Emma discusses the brand new Widex Made for iPhone listening to support fashions, and the Widex lithium-ion rechargeable listening to aids. That is the primary listening to support that does not sound like a listening to support.. For extra info, take a look at our web site and weblog beneath:

Widex Hearing Aids Review Transcript

Hello there, I am Emma from Worth Listening to. And on this video, I will provide you with an summary of the most recent Widex listening to support, the Widex Second which was launched again in March 2020. So, Widex have been round as a listening to support producer for 65 years. They’re generally known as being notably revolutionary in our trade, being the primary firm to introduce a digital in-the-ear listening to support, for instance. They’re also called being a really pure sounding listening to support.

In order that they actually satisfaction themselves in having a really pure sound high quality that enables their customers to entry even the softest sounds of their atmosphere. However then when there are giant sounds, to search out them, very, very comfy.

In addition they try to supply glorious customer support. And I can undoubtedly vouch for them right here in Australia as providing sensible assist and sensible customer support. Their know-how, their {hardware} is also called being very dependable. Widex Second Listening to Aids are undoubtedly essentially the most cosmetically interesting listening to aids they’ve ever launched. They’ve additionally launched the brand new mannequin, the Widex mRIC RD which is totally rechargeable, utilizing the lithium ion know-how. Again in 2018, they launched the Widex Evoke, which was a massively profitable platform for them.

At the moment they launched a chargeable listening to support utilizing the z-power know-how, which was silver zinc. They’ve now moved throughout to lithium ion. So far as lithium ion rechargeable listening to aids go, they’ve now created the smallest choice available in the market. It takes 4 hours to cost it, and that provides you between 20 and 40 hours of cost, relying, in fact, on how a lot you might be streaming.

This listening to support is totally utilizing the two.4GHz know-how. So it has made for iPhone know-how and additionally it is Android prepared. We’re simply ready on an replace for that to change into obtainable. So Widex now have the quickest digital sign processing obtainable within the trade of 0.5 milliseconds. The trade common is between six and eight milliseconds. So what does this imply for you? Nicely, in case you’re somebody with a gentle to reasonably extreme listening to loss, what is going to occur while you are available in to see us within the clinic is that we’re possible to suit you with an open listening to support.

Now, what this implies is that we’re creating just a little little bit of a hybrid scenario the place we’re permitting the low frequencies the place you are still listening to nicely to enter the ear naturally. However we’re amplifying the center or the excessive frequencies, for instance, by means of the listening to support. What this could imply is that there’s a little little bit of a discrepancy between the time it takes for the sound that is getting into naturally to achieve your ear and the sound that is getting into the listening to support being processed and exiting the receiver and getting into the ear.

What this could result in is the notion that it sounds a bit like listening by means of a microphone. Now, this doesn’t occur to everybody, and most of the people do get used to it as a result of the mind is a superb factor. However to have the choice of providing you one thing that sounds extra pure, works quicker and is simpler to get used to is great. These listening to aids are available in 13 completely different color choices within the receiver within the canal. Their receiver within the canal listening to aids even have three completely different kind elements and so they have three completely different customized listening to support choices obtainable as nicely. That is Widex’s is most sturdy listening to support, with improved microphones, extra nano coating, that means they’re extra mud and water-resistant. In actual fact, they’re IP-68 rated. These listening to aids can be found in 4 ranges of know-how.

You’ve got bought the 440, 330, 220 and 110. Thanks very a lot for watching. Please hit the like button and likewise subscribe to our channel. It helps enhance our attain on YouTube for any questions, requests of different movies or feedback. Please depart them within the little feedback field beneath. Thanks.


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  1. Thank you for this review. Request your opinion for a better options between Phonak P50 vs Widex Moment 220 for a 10 year old child with moderate to serve hearing loss, Currently using Widex Unique 220. Key requirement is sound quality. Battery life or Bluetooth connectivity is secondary. Many thanks in advance.

  2. I have used Widex Beyond and Evoke, and wanted to replace before the warranty runs out. It was suggested that I try Signia because my hearing has decreased and it has more power. I much prefer the quality of sound with Widex, so I plan to try Moment. Which model would be best for severe hearing loss?

  3. Hi, Emma. Do you think that Widex Moment are suitable for peolple from severe to profound hearing loss? Accoding to the company's technical datas, yes. Does the device which has the Zerodelay technology , also has the WidexPureSound technology? From the comparison between two models of the Widex Moment (Mini Ric R V.2 P-Receiver vs Ric 312 D HP-Receiver) it seems that only the first has the two technologies. Tnank you very much.

  4. Please your thoughts on the Moment 110 RIC312D? My Audiologist recommended it to me base on my budget $3000. I’m in NYC
    I have bilateral moderate to severe loss.

  5. I just upgraded to the Moment and I must say that I haven’t been too happy with mine. The Evoke seemed more seamless. For example, when I’m scrolling Instagram every video that pops up causes the hearing aids to make a static click and then the video will begin to play. When I listen to my GPS every direction there is a static click. My audiologist called Widex and they basically said it was a normal part of the Bluetooth (the evoke hearing aids never did this…) so, has anyone else had this trouble? If so, how did you fix it? I’ve already done the app updates, reset, saw my audiologist, etc. Thanks!

  6. I just bought the moments replacing 6 year old Widex HAs. Sadly I hearing loss is to great for PureSound to benefit me. I’m glad to see you promoting Real Ear Measurement and speech in noise test and their benefit to the customer.

  7. Sorry to bother you with questions.

    I looked at the specifications for the Moment between 330 and 440. So the 440 has two additional options "" High-frequency boost "" and "" Smartwind Manager "" The latter is useful when running or walking in nature. And this is first written in the instructions "" "" High-frequency boost – Clear and crisp sound in high frequencies (in music, for example) "" "". Do you find the latter a very useful option? Will I better understand what they are saying on television or radio? I have a problem with that so I'm wondering, is it worth giving more money for the 440 model? I know you haven’t tested it directly, but you can probably ask your patients who have it. I would be very grateful.

  8. I thought it was a well presented video that was informative and educational. I still have a pair of Widex Fusion 440 hearing aids that work well, but I'm researching the technology of newer hearing aids so that I might hear even better. Thank you!

  9. this widex moment, can hear like normal people too? pure sound even in hard situation, more noise still you can hear and understand they say? Im in school hard to understand what people said, using widex unique by the way


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