What do Costco MiracleEar and Beltone Have In Common?

What do Costco MiracleEar and Beltone Have In Common. What do Costco Listening to Aids, Miracle Ear Listening to Aids, Beltone Listening to Aids, Aveda Listening to Aids, Audibel Listening to Aids, NuEar Listening to Aids, and AGX Listening to Aids all have in widespread? All of them promote LOCKED Listening to Aids!😡

What do Costco MiracleEar and Beltone Have In Common

On this video, Dr. Cliff Olson, audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Arizona tells you about an important query you could ask earlier than shopping for listening to aids….Are your Listening to Aids Locked?

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In the end, there’s one query that’s arguably an important query you could ask your Listening to Assist Supplier…Are your Listening to Aids Locked?

What do I imply by Locked?

Principally, locked listening to aids are listening to aids that can not be programmed by anybody apart from the vendor firm you purchased them from or their associates.

That is the way it works.
1. Listening to Assist Vendor Firms will “Non-public Label” identify model listening to aids
2. Principally re-naming identify model listening to aids
3. They then promote these listening to aids utilizing the brand new identify
4. No massive deal proper? It’s nonetheless an excellent listening to support
5. On this course of, additionally they re-program the pc chip within the listening to support to solely work with that clinic’s pc software program
6. Which suggests, if you happen to attempt to take these “Non-public Labeled” listening to aids into one other clinic who will not be affiliated….
7. You’re out of luck

Why is that this a giant deal?
1. In the event you transfer or that clinic goes out of enterprise,
2. You might be restricted on the place you’ll be able to go for service
3. In case you are fortunate sufficient to discover a clinic that works with the locked Has
a. It’s good to hope that the supplier is an effective one
4. If in case you have a listening to support that isn’t locked, you’ve many extra clinic choices and may give attention to discovering a superb supplier.
5. One different factor to notice is that
While you attempt to analysis data and pricing on-line, you get very restricted data. This prevents you from doing due diligence on the listening to aids which might be being beneficial to you.

Coping with locked listening to aids is a weekly drawback in my clinic. Being in Arizona, persons are continually retiring and transferring or snow-birding it out right here. New sufferers are available in on a regular basis with non-public label listening to aids from producers that I work with, however as a result of they’re locked I can’t work with them.
A few of their listening to aids are underneath a 12 months previous.
The listening to support firms won’t give unbiased clinics the software program to work with these listening to aids or unlock them normally.

You’ve received to be careful for these Non-public labeled listening to aids. A few of the extra widespread listening to aids which might be locked are ones bought from Costco, Miracle Ear, Beltone, NUEar, Aveda, and AudiBel. However you additionally have to look out for Audigy practices that promote AGX non-public label listening to aids.

So what do you have to do if they are saying that their listening to aids are locked?
1. Ask them if they’ll promote you an unlocked model of the listening to support (be sure to ask what main model it’s)
2. Go someplace that does promote identify model aids that aren’t locked
3. Buy the locked listening to aids figuring out the chance concerned.

Actual Ear Measures Video: https://youtu.be/cHR0Oa6I-wY



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  1. Doctor Cliff is not telling the whole story and certainly not accurately. He neglects to mention that different vendors offer different levels of technology and capacities. He offers an unrealistic and over simplified view of hearing aid programming & technology. Different levels of hearing loss require different levels of technology and capacity to cover a loss effectively. Considerable research & efforts are put into the technology used to create a functional, pleasant experience for the user. He has an oversimplified approach. Get the whole story, do not take his word for it here. He is misleading

  2. I understand that COSTCO Hearing Aids are NOT locked–according to Christian Anthis (Costco Hearing Aid USA). He says and I quote: "None of the hearing aids we dispense are locked. The KS 9.0 can be re-programmed by any provider outside of Costco that has the Phonak hearing aid fitting software. The dispenser/clinician simply must connect the KS 9.0 hearing aids and they will show up in the Phonak fitting software. The KS 10.0 is the same, it also uses the Phonak software"

  3. I bought Phonak hearing aids from United Healthcare Hearing. They bought out Epic Hearing. Anyway, apparently they are locked because only UHC Hearing could program them. I wanted to take them to my regular audiologist, who is Out of Network but was told they cannot program them, I have to use UNC Hearing. I didn't like that. I ended up returning them but for $5K hearing aids, (pair), they should be unlocked.

  4. Beltone's hearing aids and software are not locked. However, Beltone only sells its hearing aids to Beltone branded clinics. There are over 1000 Beltone locations all over North America. The great thing about Beltone is patients can even get complimentary hearing care internationally. In Canada, Beltone hearing aid dispensers have seen patients from the US, Turkey, India and other countries. This is not a service that patients with other hearing aid brands could get and would most likely need to pay for service.

  5. Wow! Hearing aids are medical devices and locking medical devices should be illegal – period. Thanks for doing a video on this, I didn't know.

  6. What about EARGOS? Are they locked? Thinking about purchasing those. My audiologist showed my PHONAK and OTICON, but I would prefer an in the ear type so they won't be noticeable, and I would like rechargeable as well. In my research, the only company I have found that makes "hidden" hearing aides which are rechargeable, is EARGO…Thoughts on these?

  7. Miracle Ear is nothing more than a SHELL GAME! SCAM!!!! They play with you both on the phone and during the appointment. They make car salesholes look honest! Don't waste your time or money here!

  8. Doctor Cliff,
    There are no Audiologist in my area that are in your Network. Is there anyone you can recommend in the Dayton/Xenia Ohio area? I'm looking for someone as close to you as possible. This hearing aid is for my wife, I just want to be sure she gets the help she needs.
    We found a doctor locally, but she didn't have anything good to say about real ear measurement, she said "A hearing aid fitting is mostly a form of art" or something very close to that. Her response din't inspire much confidence at all.

    Thanks for your help,

  9. I have checked the hearing specialist provider link and find the closest provider is about 350 miles from me. What are my best options for finding someone that follows your best practices locally. I live in Amarillo, Tx.


  11. Beltone hearing aids are locked but you can get free service in over 1500 places for as long as you own them. Unlocked brands you must go back to where you buy them or pay someone else to service them every time you go. Since most people go 2-4 times a year it could really add up if you move, travel or the local place goes out of business. I do not believe any unlocked brand has free lifetime service no matter where you go. The bottom line is if you are going back for free service instead of paying you do not need them unlocked.

  12. I have hearing aids and do not like them, terribly disappointed in them. I have to bring them back to the doctor's office to see if the tech can fix them right then and there. Otherwise, the hearing aids will be sent back to the company. Then, I will be without them for as much as a week.

  13. I truly appreciate all the great info from your videos and completely understand your choosing to discontinue being a Tru Hearing Aid Provider due to cost. Great for patient recipients, not so much for doctors providing care. That aside and realizing how a proper fitted and adjusted will ultimately work better than even an expensive brand, did you feel that Tru Hearing Aids provided the patients you saw with good service or did you find the technology lacking? I believe the aids are fully covered by my mom's insurance but couldn't find on the provider website whether they offer Real Ear Measurement or Verification and I know that's a must. I also want to be sure her follow ups are included for adjustments so I will make sure those questions are answered before we even go for consult. She had a hearing test with an audiologist and we were given a list of providers they recommend but Scan specifically contracts with Tru Hearing so just curious what you thought of that brand. Thanks so much

  14. I've been watching your videos and they're very helpful. Thanks! Now I do have a question. Based on this information, I did ask the technician at our Costco about locked hearing aids. He acknowledged that Costco does sell locked hearing aids, but told me they are locked by the manufacturer, not Costco. Is his information incorrect? Is this because the manufacturer is disabling some of the functionality of those hearing aids that they sell to Costco at the heavily discounted prices?

  15. Doctor Cliff, I am a huge fan of your sight. I am a Hearing Instrument Specialist with a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Michigan. I have an ACA and a BC-HIS along with 20+ years experience, along with a decade of serving on my state association board. I find most of your insights very accurate and well thought out, so please keep them up! In our offices we do air-conduction, bone conduction, SRT, MCL, Aided Discrimination, Frequency Specific LDL’s as well as both subjective and objective verification (live speech mapping from Med-Rx), including multiple post fit follow-ups and a 30 day trial period AND…….I’m a Miracle-Ear franchisee. I only wanted to bring this out because of a couple of points I felt were important. #1 – The fact that a person can get their Miracle-Ear aids programmed/cleaned/adjusted at 1400+ locations nation wide at no additional charge is actually a perk and not a bad thing. #2 – I’ve love to see you do a video on best practices. Many people ask me what’s the best hearing aid and I always tell them. It’s a difficult question, because there are many good brands. It’s a little like Dental. You can go to 5 dentists and get 5 prices. The most expensive doesn’t guarantee the best outcome and the least expensive doesn’t mean the worst outcome. They are all going to use the same or reasonably similar materials. The end result is going to come down to the skill of the practitioner. Which is to say, any person can have a bad result from a good manufacturer and that outcome is most often associated with the skill of the practitioner and the number of best practices they follow.


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