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What Are the World’s Best Hearing Aids 2022?

It is that point of 12 months once more! Time to evaluate the perfect listening to aids available on the market for 2022. We have got our prime picks from the world’s main listening to support producers. Whether or not you are out there for a modern behind-the-ear listening to support, or one thing that can keep fully hidden inside your ear, our in-house listening to professional Matthew has the reply!

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01:42 Oticon Extra
05:11 Widex Second
09:37 Phonak Paradise
14:28 Phonak Lyric
17:34 Starkey Evolv
20:58 Signia Cost & Go AX
25:10 Resound One
27:08 Invisible Listening to Aids
27:35 What to search for in an audiologist

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Signia Cost & Go AX
Oticon Extra
Phonak Lyric
Phonak Paradise

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Matthew Allsop is the Video Content material Supervisor at HearingTracker. He cares for sufferers with listening to loss at his London-based clinic, Harley Road Listening to. You may get in contact on concerning new content material concepts or to develop into a affected person.

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  • Thanks for the great review! As always! I can't decide between the Widex Moment 440 and the Oticon More 1. I can get the Widex for $2,900 and the Oticon for $3,700. I'm not sure I would get $800 of betterment with the More 1?

  • 20/20, that's how I hear now. Although it took a little while, I don't even need my hearing aids. Dr Asuelimen Herbal YouTube channel cured my tinnitus.

  • Have any of you guys checked out Dr ogbebor herbal centre YouTube channel for cure of tinnitus? His Herbal medicine is well recognized for curing of tinnitus, parosmia and many other dieseases.

  • Feeling Tired of Resound HA.... Resound ( India ) perhaps does not care about the problems faced by its customers & does not have faith in their feedback. My son has used many HA since 30 years. This is first time that he is using Resound HA - Quattro 7 RIC but feeling frustrated on response of Resound. Left Quattro 7 HA having multiple problems - has been sent for repairs to their Mumbai office 4 timed in last 3 months but issues falling on deaf ears.Delay in service is acceptable but not casual response of company like Resound.

    No body from their Social Media team seems to be worried / concerned about the problems being faced.

  • Hi, I have a mild loss hearing but moderate to severe tinnitus, if budget wouldn't be a problem which device would you recommend? I have seen all your videos but I would like your responses on this one. Im 45 years. I tried the EARGO Neo fi, but I returned because it make me feel anxiety due to the lack of further adjustment, I was hearing a lot and couldn't control the amount of noise going into my ears.

  • I am probably most excited about (and in no particular order) the Resound, Signia and Oticon hearing aids. Widex is probably 4th on the list as it doesn't really seem as impressive as the other. Phonak and Starkey are last, with Phonak making the worst of the lot to me. As a reminder, I am probably interested in all 3 of my top selections equally.

    1. Resoud, in all honesty, makes me nervous. The reason behind this, I currently own Resound, although they were paid for by the state about 4 years ago due to low income at the time. My choices were limited to Oticon or Resound. I was able to test them both before deciding Resound helped me more. Thinking back on it, I probably should have gone with Oticon as Resound went bad quickly. Despite constant visits to the audiologist for adjustments, my Resounds would just keep randomly generating feedback, or the settings would stop working as they were supposed to. I have basically been ready for new hearing aids for a while.

    That being said, I am still a bit excited about the Resound one, specifically the M&RIE part. I had someone tell me that it likely wouldn't be powerful enough for me since I have a profound hearing loss. I don't know how true this is because I haven't been able to find anyone who knows enough about the M&RIE and have a proper discussion about it.

    2. Oticon. Despite what I said about the previous Oticon I tried, I am interested in the Oticon More. The DNN and Moresound Intelligence, of which I found more on in a previous video of yours, sounds attractive. The question is, who determines what sounds I may or may not be interested in hearing? The idea is great, but the application? Who knows?

    3. Signia. I have done research on some Signia hearing aids and I probably find them to be the most attractive, in terms of usefulness. The rechargeable battery doesn't really matter to me either way, but the AX is looking nice. I had looked into the Pure 13 Nx and 312 Nx before I saw the AX. They look like something that would benefit me. If you added M&RIE to the Signia, they would probably be on the top of my list.

    I actually have an appointment soon and I had already decided to talk about these 3 brands.

    4. Widex. I was interested in Widex when I first saw them, but the more I read, the less I am interested. I wouldn't rule them out though, as they do seem impressive enough.

    5. Starkey. I have 2 major issues with Starkey. The first is that their website makes it hard to find and TRUE useful information about the hearing aids. Can I use them? Who knows? They don't provide information on hearing types. The second issue is that the website is directed only at older people. There was a questionnaire/survey on their website to allow me to try to determine what hearing aids would be best for me. Every question was something about seeing just how old and fragile I am. Can I push small buttons? What kind of floors do I slip on? etc. Seriously? Not even 40 yet and I've worn hearing aids my entire life, but you can't even consider people like me?

    6. Phonak. Last on the list is Phonak, and that is because they never work as well as they claim. Noise reduction tends to be in the form of cutting off all sound to "protect" my hearing. Really? A little wind isn't going to make me deaf. I mean, I'm already there dude! The Nadia that I am testing out gives a lot of robotic sounds and the bluetooth will randomly connect to devices I have connected to before. I've had too many issues with Phonak that I will probably never go back to them again.

  • I’m in Scotland and still using Danalogic model I got in 2015 😭😭😭. The ones with ear moulds