What it Feels Like To Hear Sound Through a Cochlear Implant?

What it Feels Like To Hear Sound Through a Cochlear Implant? Ever surprise what a cochlear implant feels like? We requested this younger girl to reply simply that query. The affected person wears a cochlear implant on her proper ear and has regular listening to in her left. We play the unique sentence to her implant after which play edited variations to her regular listening to ear. The match sounds surprisingly near the unique sentence. This analysis was performed on the Cochlear Implant Analysis lab at Arizona State College underneath the route of Michael Dorman. Go to: http://www.asu.edu/clas/shs/cilab/


What it Feels Like To Hear Sound Through a Cochlear Implant?

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  1. I'm curious: I've seen simulations where it sounds more like a vocoder. Basically, it seems their hearing is split into a certain amount of frequency bands, which the device picks up and outputs at those predetermined bands. This results in atrociously low frequency resolution and everything sounding "robotic," exactly like a vocoder. So what's going on in this video???

    The other simulations sound like they use white noise as a carrier signal and speech/music as the modulator. Then just set the bands on your vocoder to whatever the implant has.

  2. This was fantastic! Matching the hearing right and left to sound with the exact frequency response in the ear through to the brain. These implants are a great blessing. Thank God for them and the researchers and the doctors, nurses, etc.

  3. I wish that my audiologist had the equipment in this video. I have had my Cochlear implant now for over 2 years and can hardly understand any vocals. I am tested every 3 months, but all they do is give a series of beeps then reprogram? I am unable to communicate with anyone.

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  5. If there is one thing I hope to see before I pass on (in hopefully at least 40 years) is for technology to be able to mostly restore sight, speech, hearing, and the ability to not only restore missing limbs, but "feel" through them as if it was your real appendage. Well that, and for our world governments to allow us to cure cancer.

  6. The modern multi-channel cochlear implant was independently developed and commercialized by two separate teams—one led by Graeme Clark in Australia and another by Ingeborg Hochmair and her future husband, Erwin Hochmair in Austria, with the Hochmairs' device first implanted in a person in December 1977 and Clark's in August 1978.[17]

  7. Not quite at the Cochlear stage yet, but maybe in years to come I'll need some extra support too. Hearing aids get me through most situations enough for now. Looks very successful from what I've witnessed with others. On a side note this hearing specialist is Godly!

  8. Basically it seems like higher frequencies are lowered (by a lot) and only the lower frequencies remain. It's a bit strange because at the beginning it went the opposite direction with more emphasis on the higher frequencies (more treble) and less lower frequencies. But when she mentioned it sounded "muffled" then I immediately thought cut out the high frequencies, that's what she means.

  9. I don't understand why they don't let the patients adjust it themselves. The app should be user friendly enough to allow the patients to adjust it. I mean its 2021.

  10. I often get surprised when my deaf ear picks up sound i'm not expecting. there is some hearing there but its mostly higher pitch frequencies.

    Although i have partial deafness in my good ear too hearings aids don't seem to do a lot other than make my ear drum tickle so I don't bother with them.

    I wondered about these implants and how they sound compared to natural hearing but this is the first video i have seen that gives comparison.

  11. I have have bilateral nerve damage in both ears since birth. I was able to make due with two behind the ear hearing aids fro 1965-2008. (I received my first set of hearing aids when I was three years old ). I then lost my hearing totally in my left ear and only hear about 25% in my right ear in 2008. In 2013 I was forced into retirement after 34 years because I could no longer conduct board or staff meetings. (I started as a respiratory therapist and as the hearing got worse I went to college at night to get my BA, and MBA. My career ended as a hospital administrator. I thank God for the time I have been able to hear. I was approved for bilateral Cochlear implants in 2008 but have been to afraid to take the leap. Soon I will need to. I love the fact that you can program the Cochlear implant aid to coincide with the opposite ear. Thank you for a positive video!

  12. So the muffled last sound is what people with cochlear impants would hear when listening to the original sound file "the sun is finally shining"? It sounds like when you listen to music on a radio with the "highs" tuned completely down.

  13. I think an audio engineer and not an audiologist should have tackled this. CI work on channels that represent specific frequencies. A chain of single band EQs and a bit crusher would have gotten closer maybe.

  14. I'm supposed to get an implant. I'm more than terrified.. Lost hearing in my right ear at 28.5 years old due to unknown causes I got sensorineural hearing loss, just in the blink o an eye, I lost hearing in that ear. Thank God I have one left but I worry every day about losing that too, which is the only reason I'm considering the implant. She is a tough young lady even to go through the procedure!

  15. How can this girl with cochlear implant determine what sounds like the original? Wouldn't the other editions just add additional noise to her implants?

  16. Well, that’s interesting… as someone currently implanted in both ears (due to congenital deafness), the one before last sounds close to the original (I hear a subtle difference though and isn’t the best one), but the final one is ironically the worst of the pack! I guess it depends on the patient and the circumstances…

  17. Odd i am 1 sided deaf as well but i never imagined hearing two different voices from 1 source wouldn't drive you nuts, unless the aim is to hear stereo which 1 sided people like me can't. I asked my doctor about coahlear Implants some years ago but got this response like your cochlear has hardened out after 50 years being deaf so we can't help you with this technique is that correct?


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