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[vent] I spent my entire life protecting my ears but it didn’t matter in the end.

I’ve been riding motorcycles since i was 5 years old. I’d always wear earplugs when riding because my dad had tinnitus from a young age and didn’t want me to suffer the same fate. For the next 23 years i wore earplugs when riding, at concerts, when using the chainsaw, mower, etc. as well as being careful about headphone and earbud volume.

Well on march 10th a lady ran (cruised) through a red light and I t-boned her at 40mph on my motorcycle. You can check my profile for a post with a video included lol. Anyway, if not for my helmet and gear i would no doubt be dead. Instead i got away with 10 fractures, one of which being a temporal lobe fracture, and q brain hemorrhage, but hey I’m alive. And healing surprisingly well!

But the last week I’ve had the onset of a thumping in my ear. It comes and goes and after only a week I’m losing my mind. Recovery from everything else is bad enough, now i have to live with this personal nightmare I’ve done so much to avoid.

Just had to vent. I haven’t seen a doctor yet about it, but i left a message for my wonderful gp and I’m hoping I can get a referral or two to help me.

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