Unitron Moxi Jump-R Rechargeable Hearing Aid Review | Unitron Discover Platform Moxi Jump & Moxi Fit

Unitron Moxi Soar-R Rechargeable Listening to Support Evaluation | Unitron Uncover Platform Moxi Soar & Moxi Match. Dr. Cliff Olson, Audiologist and founding father of Utilized Listening to Options in Anthem Arizona, opinions the Unitron Moxi Soar R rechargeable listening to assist.

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Unitron will likely be transport their new Uncover Platform Moxi Soar-R and Moxi Match listening to aids on Could seventeenth. The brand new Moxi Soar and Moxi Match are a part of their new line of gadgets that may connect with any Bluetooth gadget. Since Sonova owns each Phonak and Unitron, it was only a matter of time earlier than Unitron began utilizing the SWORD 3.0 chip that permits for Bluetooth connection to Apple & Android gadgets.

The similarities between the Unitron Moxi and Phonak Audeo Marvel do not finish there. Should you take a more in-depth take a look at the Moxi Soar R’s you may see that they use an equivalent charger and receiver wire because the Audeo Marvels. Nevertheless, there are some things that make the Soar R and Match distinctive.

Let’s check out the PROs:

1. Connectivity – With the vast majority of smartphone customers utilizing Android gadgets, it solely is sensible that they’d develop a listening to assist that would connect with Apple and Android gadgets. That is what the SWORD 3.0 chip permits Unitron to do. With 4 wi-fi protocols at their disposal, it will possibly wirelessly connect with nearly any bluetooth gadget, and stream audio immediately into your listening to aids with out utilizing an middleman gadget like a neckloop. This implies Music, Podcasts, Audiobooks, and Telephone calls immediately into your listening to aids.

2. SoundNav 3.0 – That is Unitron’s computerized program classifier that may mechanically change between completely different program settings relying on the surroundings you’re in. In case you are in a quiet surroundings, the listening to aids know this and can put you into the proper program settings. Should you transition into a loud surroundings, the listening to aids will know this as properly, and put you into supreme program settings for these environments. Mainly, the Unitron Moxi Soar R does all the things for you so you do not have to fret about it.

3. Lithium Rechargeability – Up till now, Unitron has solely used Silver-Zinc rechargeable listening to aids. Nevertheless, the brand new Moxi Soar R Listening to Aids now use a lithium battery. Lithium has confirmed to be probably the most dependable type of rechargeable battery know-how. The gadgets additionally mechanically activate whenever you take away them from the charger and off whenever you place them contained in the charger.

4. FLEX: UPGRADE – This can be a very distinctive function to Unitron that permits their listening to aids to be upgraded from a decrease stage of know-how to a better stage of know-how with out having to purchase new listening to aids or exchanging your present listening to assist {hardware}. This implies you can begin with a decrease stage of know-how and improve down the street for those who want a better stage of listening to assist efficiency.

As superior as the brand new Uncover Moxi Soar R listening to aids are, there are nonetheless a number of cons.

#1. Restricted Battery Life – At solely 16 hours, some listening to assist customers might not get a full days price of use out of a single cost. Particularly for those who require a number of amplification utilizing an influence receiver, and for those who stream a number of audio and cellphone calls which create extra battery drain.

#2. The Thickness – Rechargeable listening to aids are naturally bigger than most disposable fashions, however the Moxi Soar-R is fairly thick. Should you put on glasses, count on them to push your ears off to the facet.

#3. The Gradual Roll-out of extra fashions and type components – This appears to be a pattern within the listening to assist business for the time being, however we nonetheless do not know when a Telecoil model will grow to be obtainable or what different type components are going to grow to be obtainable sooner or later. So in case you are searching for some particular options not provided within the Moxi Match and Moxi Soar R listening to aids, you would possibly simply need to play the ready recreation.

Cons apart, the Unitron Moxi Soar R and Moxi Match construct upon an already stable providing from Unitron. They’ve leapfrogged in entrance of another producers in connectivity and can be an awesome possibility on your subsequent set of listening to aids.

Simply bear in mind, it doesn’t matter how nice your listening to aids are in the event that they haven’t been programmed utilizing Actual Ear Measurement. REMs are the one method to make sure your listening to aids have been programmed accurately to your listening to loss prescription. Should you don’t know what REMs are, I extremely suggest watching this video: https://youtu.be/cHR0Oa6I-wY


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  • Dear Dr Clifford,
    Great in depth reviews and you are very knowledgeable. Keep it up! Question: How long is the warranty on the device and what if the rechargeable battery stops working? Any likelihood of having remote assist or tinnitus suppression? Is R9 significantly better than the R7? Mahendra Mehta, MD.

  • I'm in the trial mode. Have trialed two models of Phonak Marvel (top and one level below - both very good - can hear voices quite well but both had issues with Iphone - I could hear but the person on the other end could not hear me. I've been told today that this has now been corrected and needs to be fixed by the audiologist. However today I received my trial Unitron Discover. They are good also. Have only had them one day and haven't had any problems yet. I would really like to see a comparison of these TWO as they are definitely not cheap so it would be nice to see what each has compared to the other. I have searched the internet but these two models are not yet compared to each other. (I also had trialed another brand which were horrible, all voices were distorted and I couldn't hear them properly anyhow and everyone I spoke to had to repeat themselves and were as frustrated as I was). I have to make a decision within the next two weeks probably so would really appreciate knowing if there is a comparison between the Phonak Marvel and the Unitron Discover available anywhere (behind the ear but using batteries - not rechargeable).

  • Had an idea, your should do a video on what you can or can not wear whilst wearing BTE devices... eg hats and beanies :)

  • Could you do a video on Frequency Therapeutics and the new drug they are coming out with (hopefully it pasts tests) it’s supposed to stimulate dead hair cells

  • I wear resound linx 3D hearing aid and want to know if I should use any audio wipes to clean them or just use the brush that came with them ?

  • I'm tired of videos on BTE, why is this form factor being pushed by hearing aid companies and providers? Isn't there other options? I guess we'll have to wait for them to tell us IIC or other form factors are the future again... Not everyone wants to wear hearing aids over and behind the ear. It is like having eyeglasses vs contacts.

  • Why does the case look like the Phonak marvel case with a different color insert and outside paint?

  • I like that you can upgrade the teir later down the line. Am I right in thinking that even though the marvel r is the same chip upgrading later isn't an option.