Trouble Hearing with Face Masks? Easy Solution Here

Trouble Hearing with Face Masks? Easy Solution Here

Trouble Hearing with Face Masks

You know, it was hard enough losing my hearing, then this on top of it, this! Mm hm. I see. Yeah, I know. It’s frustrating, but we gotta keep wearing masks! So, tell me. What was it that happened? – I just tried to order at my favourite food truck and couldn’t understand the clerk at all.

It was so frustrating and embarrassing. I just gave up and left. I need your advice on how to deal with communication with these things. Ahhh. Mmhmm. Sure, sure- communication with the masks is seriously challenging.

But we do have to keep living our lives. – You know, buying groceries is hard enough, I can’t imagine a doctor’s appointment! Just the thought of trying to talk to my doctor through masks makes me shake.

You know, I’m anxious and upset all the time about communication. Oh yeah, I feel ya. – Wherever I go, I’m afraid of someone in a mask trying to talk with me. It doesn’t bother you? Not really.

My hearing sister told me that everyone has trouble understanding each other with masks these days. So I don’t let it bother me. If someone out there talks to me, I just point to my ear and shrug. There’s nothing I can do.

I save my energy for things like going to the post office or the doctor. I try not to sweat the small stuff. – You know, I get upset about pretty much everything equally. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or little.

Saving your energy

What do you mean by “saving your energy?” I save my energy by deciding ahead of time how important something is. I can’t waste my energy worrying about small things. Imagine a scale of one to ten.

Going to a store is about one. Not a big deal. If I mess up communication in a store, it’s not the end of the world. Going to a medical appointment is important. It feels more like a nine so I plan ahead more.

– Oh that’s interesting- a scale of importance. So how do you plan ahead for a medical appointment? Yeah, okay, for example, I had an emergency dental appointment and asked my dentist to use a clear face mask and he did.

That really helped. I usually use interpreters, but when you go to your doctor, you can ask them to wear a clear mask, and in your case I suggest requesting C-Print, or CART so you can follow the conversation.

– C-Print or CART? What’s that? C-Print or CART, Yeah – It’s a professional who listens and types out the conversation so that you can read it and understand what everyone is saying. – You, know I can’t imagine asking my doctor to do that.

I don’t like asking people to go out of their way for me to do something special. Yes, I get that, but with Covid everything is different. We need to be more assertive about requesting modifications for accessibility.


Besides, it’s your right to do so. You can always bring a pen and paper as a backup, and communicate that way. But that’s so tedious! And my doctor is so busy. Yeah, I know, but it’s critical for you to understand what’s going on.

You should also have a speech-to-text app on your phone and ready to use. I’ll send you a link. It’s important to have a plan before you go. You could use that as a back-up communication plan with the doctor as well.

– Good idea- And I will try my best not to sweat the small stuff. AND yeah I can plan ahead before important appointments. And yeah I think you’re right, that scale of importance from 1 to 10 will be helpful! Great- Good luck! Thank you so much for the advice, Angela, you’re a pro! Oh, I’ve had a lifetime of practice! Bye! Thanks! – Bye, Ted! (Car traffic sounds) (Muffled and indistinct voice) – Are you closed now? (Muffled and indistinct voice) – You know, I can’t hear you very well.

Trouble Hearing With Face Masks

Do you mind writing it down for me? I’ve got a pad. Oh yeah, I can wait, no problem. Thanks. (muffled) Hello! Glad to see you’re back! What can I get for you? – Trouble Hearing With Face Masks. Do you mind turning the music down? (muffled) Sure! Can you please say that again? (muffled) What can I get for you? Oh that’s cool! I’d like the Falafel Plate, please.

(muffled) What side dish would you like with that? Oh yeah, I’ll take the carrots. You bet! – Thank you! (mufffled) Thank you! Do I need a lab order for the bloodwork? (muffled) No I’ll send the request over right now and you can stop by the lab on your way out.

You just need to take a right when you leave our office and the lab is across the hall on the left. -Okay, A right then a left. I got it. (muffled) Any more questions? No it was all clear. Thanks for trying out this remote CART thing.

I hope it wasn’t a problem for you. (muffled) Not at all! Quite the opposite. I thought it made our communication go really smoothly! Yeah- you have no idea! (they both chuckle) (drum music)

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